the Auditor of the accounts chamber Alexey Savatyugin proposed a new method of rehabilitation — the “treatment” of “sick” banks, RBC. According to him, after the final financial “recovery” of a credit institution that fails to sell on the open market, it is possible to transfer the ownership of the government.

“the Regulator must get rid of all the banks and insurance companies and pension funds [pension funds]. If you have the opportunity to sell them to private entities, need to do this if not to make the same scheme, as with Sberbank [in the beginning of 2020 were repurchased from the Central Bank by the government],” he said Savatyugin.

the transaction Price is not important, as the ultimate owner of the asset did not changed — under current law, the property of the Bank belongs to the state. The Savatyugin stressed that expresses a personal opinion and not the position of the chamber.

At this point in the ownership of the Central Bank there are several banks, taken to reorganize starting in 2017 under the new rules. According to them, the financial “recovery” of the credit organization, on the verge of bankruptcy, is not an outside investor (often a Bank) and the regulator itself — through its Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS). It reduces the amount of the former authorized capital to one ruble, and then buys an additional issue the share of the Bank, becoming its owner.

the Largest assets on the balance sheet PCBS: the Bank “FC Opening” (United after the reorganization with the Bank) and the Asian-Pacific Bank (ATB). Sanitized through the Fund PSB later became a supporting Bank of the military-industrial complex and was transferred to the property of the government.

it was Originally planned that all sanitized through FCBS banks will be sold on the open market after the improvement of the financial state. However, in practice, the Central Bank faced a lack of demand. In the spring of 2020, it was reported that there are four bidders for the ATB, their names, the regulator did not disclose. To sell “FC Opening” was solved in parts. The deal with the first 20 percent of the credit institution was moved to a later date.