As a medical “chameleon” call the Doctors, Christian Nickel and Roland Bingisser Covid-19. changes Like a chameleon its colours, also seems to be the disease, which is caused by the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, to present itself from person to person differently. Symptoms vary, are nonspecific and the Severity of the disease-free gradients is of symptom to a severe inflammation of the lungs everything is possible.

In a report in the journal “Swiss Medical Weekly” reports, Nickel, Deputy chief physician in the emergency center of the University hospital of Basel, and his colleague, Roland Bingisser, chief physician in Basel, of such a case, in which the symptoms were nonspecific, and the disease was more likely found by chance.

Covid-19 behind nonspecific symptoms

hide An 83-Year-old had been brought in after a fall in the emergency room, the doctors. He would have complained about chest pain , which is why they made a computer tomography (CT). The showed that the lungs showed typical changes, such as occur in Covid-19-patients. The man had neither fever nor cough.

“at the moment, we treat three patients suffering from severe Covid-19-disease, at the time of their admission to the hospital but no specific symptoms showed,” explain the doctors. Therefore, there is a need for Considerations on how to deal especially with elderly patients who come in with nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue and weakness to the doctor. A diagnosis should include also Covid-19, my the doctors from Basel, Switzerland.

challenge can infect more extensive Tests, because, otherwise, “chameleons”, as the 83-Year-old Patient from Basel, are easily overlooked, but we, in turn, other people.

On the other hand, people with unique Covid can suffer-19-signs on something completely different. So Nickel and Bing Isser report an 80-year-old woman, who presented with cough and shortness of breath in the emergency room. As it turned out, she was, however, probably due to heart failure.

Many of the colds go hand in hand with a loss of Smell – probably Covid-19

is also A very non-specific Symptom, behind the Covid-can hide the 19, apparently, the loss of sense of taste and smell. The doctors, Claire Hopkins, a Professor of Nose medicine at Kings College in London and Nirmal Kumar from ENT UK, the Association of ear, nose, and throat doctors in England, have again highlighted this possible Covid-19 symptoms.

except for viral infections, which trigger, for example colds, typical that a loss of Smell occurs, explain to the physician. Also in the previously known corona-viruses is not uncommon. Therefore, it is no Surprise that a Covid-19-disease can go hand in hand. Hopkins and Kumar refer to data from South Korea, China, and Italy. Also in Germany they call. Product recommendation (display)

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in Germany, the Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck had interviewed 100 people in Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, and found out that about 68 per cent, so two out of three of the Covid-19-patients with mild symptoms of taste and smell loss.


  • PUSH expert advises the use of a Symptom diary – Not only a cough and fever: the Bonn virologist finds new Corona-symptoms

In South Korea, where many people were tested, showed that 30 percent of the Covid-19-patients who had only mild signs of illness, were affected by a loss of Smell.

“I think that these patients could be some of the previously hidden Vectors have facilitated the rapid Transmission of Covid-19,” write the doctors. Because these patients showed no criteria which would allow a Test or an insulation Vera.

Hopkins and Kumar argue, therefore, to isolate people who show a loss of Smell, but otherwise no symptoms to complain, for a week, because they could be potential Carriers of Covid-19.

patients with pneumonia show no strong symptoms

patients with pneumonia do not show the typical signs of the disease, such as Martin Witzenrath from the clinic for infectiology and pneumology at the Charité University hospital in Berlin reported. the patient with pneumonia showed Covid-19 part no strong symptoms. “have The patients to part of a bit of shortness of breath, not dramatically, one has the impression that are not even particularly sick. Then you look at the lung in the CT and looks very bad. It is something we don’t know so far.”

But how Concerned should recognize such a pneumonia, then? An alarm signal according to the Witzenrath: “If you go to a stairs, which you can handle otherwise loose, and half way through remember, you get no more air, should give food for thought.” Members could keep the respiratory rate of Patients in the view: While the Patient is lying, for example, in front of the TV, you can watch the best of this unnoticed – the number of times the chest rise. “If the number is about 20 or 22 per Minute, this is definitely a warning signal.”

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the most frequently mentioned symptoms of

Even if the symptoms of Covid-19 unit are quite good, some of which occur more frequently, such as, for example, the loss of Smell. As a point of reference, the experts of the Robert Koch Institute have summarized the most common symptoms that have been described so far in Germany:

  • coughing: 55%
  • fever: 39%
  • snuffles: 28 percent
  • neck pain: 23 percent
  • shortness of breath: 3 percent

Other possible symptoms are:

  • head – and body aches
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • Nausea
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • conjunctivitis
  • skin rash
  • swelling of the lymph nodes
  • apathy
  • morbid drowsiness

Who takes such symptoms to be true and suspected that he might have with the Coronavirus infected, you should call a doctor or the number of the medical on-call service 116117 choose. RKI-Chef Wieler advises, if you have increasing shortness of breath need to consult a physician in every case.

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