Taylor Swift has just started the European leg of her “The Eras” tour. But at her Paris concert, a TikToker notices a fan’s baby. A discussion arises online.

Pop star Taylor Swift is currently traveling through Europe with her “The Eras” tour, putting fans in an absolute state of emergency. Fans would do almost anything to see Travis Kelce’s girlfriend live. Apparently they don’t shy away from bringing a baby to the concert either.

Influencer Olivia Levinn shared a video on TikTok showing a baby sleeping on the floor during the concert in Paris. Olivia is horrified by the sight and writes: “Guys, this is not okay.”

“Someone brought a baby to the Eras Tour and laid him on the floor,” Olivia begins her video. For her, this is “the definition of how some people shouldn’t be parents,” she says. “Oh my God, I’m embarrassed.”

And indeed: The TikTok shows a baby sleeping on the floor of the event area surrounded by fan feet. Beverage cups are stacked next to its head and it wears a glowing bracelet on its wrist. A man stands leaning over the baby, but it remains unclear whether he is the father.

More than 120,000 people have now seen the video and commented on it almost 500 times.

Occasionally, users share the TikToker’s concerns. “I’m afraid someone will step on the baby,” says one comment, for example.

However, Olivia mostly receives backlash for her statements. One user demands: “Can Americans please just be quiet.” Another user also supports the parents in the comments: “This is normal in Europe. People take their children with them everywhere.” Another user goes even further and says she envies the toddler for getting so close to Taylor Swift: “I wish I was that baby.”

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