Should Biden create his own SHADOW GOVT shadow cabinet shadow SWAT team to counter Trump asks MSNBC host

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle went beyond the point of shilling for Joe Biden by asking whether the former vice president should set up a “shadow government” to counter Donald Trump’s coronavirus daily briefings.

Biden may be riding the momentum of endorsements from previous competitors Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, as well as from former President Barack Obama, but one MSNBC host thinks he needs to do more to “counter-program” Trump during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Should he be creating his own shadow government, shadow cabinet, shadow SWAT team, and getting up there on a podium every night saying, ‘here’s the crisis we’re in,’” Ruhle said, after a guest referred to Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings as “clown” shows on Wednesday. 

MSNBC’s @SRuhle suggests Biden create “shadow government” to counter Trump during pandemic crisis

While most would be taken aback by the suggestion that a political candidate should go ahead and skip an election and just create a parallel government to somehow override the existing one, Ruhle’s guest, former Obama White House office Jim Messina, was unfazed by the comments and continued talking up Biden as a leader providing guidance to citizens during the current pandemic.

The comment did not go over so smoothly on social media.

“Biden can’t create a coherent sentence so good luck creating a shadow government,” one user tweeted.

Biden can’t create a coherent sentence so good luck creating a shadow government

Daily Wire contributor Derek Hunter dubbed Ruhle the “dumbest f**king person on cable television” for the suggestion.

“Can you imagine if a Democrat were in the WH and this was suffering Fox News?” another user asked.

Words utterly fail me ????MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle wonders if Joe Biden should create ‘his own shadow government, shadow cabinet, shadow SWAT Team’ to counteract Trump’s COVID19 pressers

Ruhle’s comment about a “shadow government” is not her first time endorsing such an idea, just the only time she’s been direct about it. She previously tweeted support for Biden to put together a “shadow council” to re-open American industries.

Here’s a thought…?

But since Biden is no longer vice president and holds no official authority, it’s difficult to see how Ruhle thinks a “shadow”-anything would have any more authority under him than some anti-government militia led by a private citizen.

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