Shot in Hanau: comments of the Russian Embassy and the interior Ministry of Germany

When shooting in hookah cafes and betting offices in the German Hanau the Russians were not injured, reported the Russian Embassy in Berlin. Meanwhile, the interior Minister of Germany, Horst Seehofer described the incident in the South-East of Hesse, how perfect of extremist beliefs of right-wing racist attack.

This is the third terrorist act in Germany with such motivation over the past few months, said Seehofer, after the murder in Kassel 65-year-old Prime Minister Walter lubke in June 2019 and the October attack on a synagogue in Halle. Seehofer promised to increase the number of police on the streets, in airports, at railway stations and on the border, and to strengthen the protection of synagogues, reports TASS.

Two hookah and a betting shop in Hanau in the state of Hesse, on 20 February, shot from the car 43-year-old man on the way home. Killed nine people, four were injured. Among those killed five Turkish nationals and one Romanian. The alleged offender Tobias R. found in his house dead beside the body of his 72-year-old mother. According to police, the man was fond of conspiracy theories, shared the same radical right-wing views, but was a loner and a police account did not belong.

a Terrorist act called the incident the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The German government has brought condolences to the families and friends of those killed in a terrorist attack.

Hanau is located just 20 kilometers from the financial capital of the European Union and one of the largest airports in continental Europe – Frankfurt-on-main. The city’s population less than 100 thousand people.