Last Wednesday, Uriella was 90 years old. The sect’s leader, the citizen was contractually Erika Hedwig bertschinger-Eicke, reported still in VIEW: A sister in Faith of Fiat-Lux-order brought a hand-written note Uriellas to the headquarters in Zurich: “In heartfelt gratitude for the birthday surprise,” it was said on the back of the photo. A VIEW had been handed over to their followers on the occasion of her birthday, white chocolate, and white flowers.

a Few days later, the champagne leader, is dead. This Helmut Kaiser, the mayor of Ibach (D) confirms the opposite VIEW: “I received on Sunday, Fiat Lux a call, Uriella had died.” According to a trailer whose parents are still in the order, died on Sunday afternoon at 16.00.

To the health of the self-proclaimed “mouthpiece of God” no longer stand it no longer. The last nine years of her life she was paralyzed from the waist down and had to be cared for by four supporters. Mayor Helmut Kaiser had no longer had any personal contact. “I’ve spoken for the last Time five years ago, when she was at the age of 85,” he said last week. (bra/Cup)

Fiat Lux (“let There be light”) is the sect to Uriella, the self-appointed mouthpiece of God. In 1972, it should be according to their own information, the first Time Jesus Christ came into contact. In 1980, he had established personally with the order Fiat Lux Uriella in Egg ZH. They announced several times to the downfall of the world – so far have not proved to be true prophecies. The cult followers would, however, picked up in a timely manner of Ufos.

had its heyday in the sect up to 1000 followers. The specialist for champagne questions Infosekta of a maximum of two dozen members, and is decreasing. In the 90s, Uriella got into criticism because she claimed she could cure Aids and cancer. A German administrative court was even a “danger to the public health”.