In the corona crisis, Ferrari is also to unusual measures to the formula-1-save season. Shortened race weekends, races in January – everything would be possible. “We can perform a two-day Grand Prix weekends, with the free practice on Saturday morning,” said team boss Mattia Binotto Sky Italia: “we could overcome the logistical challenges, when the race within a short period of time to rise.”

Also with a view to a possible season finale in January, the Teams would have to show “maximum availability”: “If we get a full world championship season in 2020, and the following until the March begins, would we be ready.”

Postponed cancelled instead of: formula 1 wants to be out in 2020 as many of the race

Like the other team leaders Binotto see at the moment is an important Phase for the entire formula 1: “We Chase Carey (formula-1-the managing Director, the Red.) and the FIA given the freedom to design the calendar the way it is now is necessary.”

finally, the formula 1 had canceled the as the eighth race scheduled Grand Prix in Baku, officially, this is considered to be moved. According to the current condition of the season, at 14. June in Montreal, Canada, start, this, too, seems to be, however, extremely questionable.

as soon As the host of the race is in principle possible, wants to make up for the “king’s class” many of the more outlandish Events. To this end, the summer brought forward to break already, so that in August, additional races could be. Formula 1 Boss Carey hoped at the beginning of the week to Start “sometime in the summer, with a calendar that includes 15 to 18 races”. Regular season final would be the 29. November in Abu Dhabi, originally 22 races were scheduled. Hospital-Video stirred for Klopp to tears: “I could not admire the” FOCUS Online/Wochit hospital-Video stirred for Klopp to tears: “I could not admire”