twenty nachtwinkeleigenaars has joined together, and the lawyer Abderrahim Lahlali in-the-arm-taken. A notice of default, demand, they now have a mandatory closing time. “They are afraid for their safety and health. Also, they will see their income go up in smoke,” says their lawyer, Abderrahim Lahlali.

“It’s not fair that the shops now have to compete with other retail food stores,” says Lahlali. “They are only allowed to have up to 19 hours of opening, and to at 22 o’clock closed. Their hours are very abbreviated, with 70 percent of their income to go up in smoke. Sometimes just a few dollars a day.”

“They are afraid especially for their safety and health,” says the lawyer, Abderrahim Lahlali. Photo credit

the Things that their sales are 60 per cent see a decrease are entitled to a bonus of € 3,000, the stores that are closing will have the right, at 4,000 euros. In addition, the latter is entitled to a dagpremie of 160. “This premium is higher than that of the sales at the moment. It is, in fact, it is not in order. It is up to them to do so to ensure their health and safety. The Social distancing, is not possible to maintain, in view of the small shops will go. In addition, their clients, and whether or not, in higher realms, they do not work closely with them.”

after 22 hours?

as of The mandatory closing time to leave, it is in accordance with Lahlali is not the solution. “Who is it now, after 22 hours on the road? These are people who are often under the influence of, and which are downright dangerous behaviour. So, one of my clients, shortly before 22 o’clock was confronted by three drunken customers at her small shop. Then, when she asked them to keep their distance, they came up with three right in her face. “Where is your protective mask? We don’t want us to be infected, ” they said. That is nothing short of irresponsible.”

the Court of coarse the guns, it is not, is Lahlalli. In the past, he demanded all payments because of our country’s children, etc.) of the Syriëstrijders refused to go back to pick it up. “A writ of summons, which is a rocket launcher. We hope to continue to be a negotiated solution. We are counting on the new insights. Barbers were the first to be essential. To them, the children, and that’s a good thing. I hope that my clients have heard it time after time.”