Lörrach, Weil am Rhein, Germany or Konstanz In German cities beyond the border take the Swiss on weekends regularly, and is downright rampant. The reason is clear: The shopping tourists to do the weekly errands, always on the lookout for the next bargain in the cheaper Euro-Land.

Long queues and congestion at customs when returning to Switzerland for the Shopping tourists of everyday life. That should change now. A Smartphone App is planned. Since 2016, the General Directorate of customs of Bonn is working on it. The goal: Through the App Touri bills for the purchase of both Export as well as a visit to the customs office overdue. Win-Win for the business and the customer.

it is reported, However, as the “Swabian newspaper”, is not advancing the technology solution in the development.

development issues

Claudius Marx (60), managing Director of the chamber of industry and Commerce (IHK) Hochrhein-Bodensee, expects that the App is at the earliest 2021 is ready for use. What’s going on?

The chamber of Commerce and industry suggested that the competent working group has not released the necessary money yet. The Bundestag hold back this still. Sticking point is border, especially the small claims.

in the Future, shopping tourists get back the German VAT if the invoice amount exceeds the respective green export certificate the sum of 50 Euro (the equivalent of 55 Swiss francs). DasBundestags panel would like to raise the limit to 175 francs. The working group is in demand and restrained. The discussion in the political space is not yet complete, says a spokesperson.

Green Zetteli-battle

Non-EU citizens, including the Swiss, to get refunded after a shopping in Germany, the VAT refund. In business, there is an Export receipt. Alone in the area of the main customs office were dispatched to Sing in the past year, 10.2 million of such green piece of paper. Per day, the 33’800 papers makes. (bro)

How to you will be refunded the VAT right back

The comparison platform Comparis has examined the bargain prices abroad remain such and not with a fine in the end.

1. Check the conditions for recovery

Absolutely, you must have a permanent residence in Switzerland. In addition, minimum purchase, as well as time-limit for Export vary from country to country. Also it’s important to note that the Redemption period, the VAT varies.

2. Ask a tax-free shopping

Some shops offer Swiss, to be able to be in the Store tax free shopping. This saves time and nerves. In General, these transactions are marked at the entrance or the cashier with the blue-and-white Logo of the Global Blue.

3. You can export the certificate

stamping The export documents can be stamped at the customs of the departure country, typically right before Crossing the border. Care: The goods must necessarily be carried!

4. You declare the Goods in Switzerland

the imported Goods Exceed a total value of CHF 300, you must declare the goods to Swiss customs. You must now pay the Swiss VAT. Here it is important to take care of: Some products have a limited duty-free entry!

5. Reclaim the VAT

In General, you can reclaim the VAT after the Stamping of the export certificate directly in the business. You can choose whether you want to pay off this bar, or from the nearest shopping pull off.