which mode will work food courts.

From 1 June in Moscow will earn non-food stores. Only about 50 thousand enterprises. Many of them are located in shopping centers. For safety of visitors and store owners must provide a social distance and to perform a permanent disinfection. Customers and staff should wear masks and gloves.

At the same time buy means for processing areas rather difficult, and the price of disinfectants is constantly growing— said the management of the shopping center “Sochi” Natalia Kuznetsova.

“of course, We are ready to open, all eager to work. But the only thing, of course, no disinfectants on sale at reasonable prices there. The ones that are recommended — all in a terrible deficit, so this, of course, a terrible problem. How to measure the temperature from the visitors of the shopping center, we are also difficult to understand. Well, of course, we will try. Now, we are studying all of the recommendations of the CPS and the Department of trade of Moscow. Trying, of course, possible to make, of course, we have now funds are limited. This is all very difficult.”

Shopping malls in Moscow was closed in late March. Work was permitted only to outlets that sell commodities, is grocery stores and pharmacies. For two months near the shopping center have already fulfilled all the mechanisms of disinfection, said the Manager of the shopping center “Gagarinsky” Andrey Sukhov. In his opinion, the number of visitors after June 1, could grow several times.

“We could work out the inside technology Mall, of adapting to those requirements that have changed in the direction of tightening. And we now when is the second wave, namely the non-food items, is much easier. Have practical experience of how to act. Now quite a large group of commercial operators is involved in the business. The difficulties we have as managers of shopping centers, less. More difficulties for tenants. due that they now have as soon as possible to restore the entire production chain from wholesalers-suppliers logistics to build, and the main problem is to restore the composition. Plus the second difficulty, which concerns us and the tenants with the additional potential buyers that will come in large numbers, they need to be too laborious, to properly conduct work in compliance with all requirements in relation to other visitors and buyers”.

Victoria Feofanova.