Earlier, he had already proposed to build new cities in Siberia. The head of state liked the idea. “President Putin directly said that, of course, such an initiative of Shoigu appeals to him,” said Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian leader. – Of course, this is an ambitious, large-scale idea, so it is necessary to discuss it very carefully, scrupulously and prepare it. The process will begin.”

New settlements may also appear in the area of Kansk and Lesosibirsk. Copper and various rare earth metals can be extracted and processed in these places.

“There is sufficient potential in the Kansk region to create coal-chemical production of popular plastics, and around Lesosibirsk – to create a cluster of “Forest and building materials”, – said the head of the Defense Ministry.

“Scientific, industrial and economic centers should become new poles of attraction – both for the population of the whole of Russia and for our numerous compatriots in the CIS countries and far abroad,” Shoigu stressed in an interview with RBC.

Those who wish to move to Siberia to live in new cities can be provided with certain benefits, for example, a “Siberian mortgage” or an increased amount of maternity capital.