An influencer offers to work with a vegetarian restaurant. The owner refuses. The angry woman rants against the restaurant.

Australian influencer Jamieson May, who attracts around 17,000 followers with her travel and food tips, was looking for a collaboration with a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne. When that didn’t work, the angry influencer took revenge and criticized the restaurant in a TikTok video.

She posted a video portraying the vegetarian restaurant as “extremely unprofessional and rude.”

The content creator, who describes herself as “sophisticated,” shared how “shocked” she was by the restaurant’s “disgusting” response when she suggested a collaboration. The New York Post, meanwhile, reported that the restaurant, run by restaurateur Clinton Trevisi, defended its “straightforward” response.

Guthrie said the restaurant had no interest in working with May. “Their followers aren’t exactly people we have in the restaurant often, and probably aren’t the audience we’re trying to reach,” Guthrie said. They couldn’t afford the food in their restaurant. He also accused her of overestimating her influence and referred to the number of her followers.

She also found that her followers were not only understanding, as she herself says: “People sent extremely rude comments that I was just an influencer who only wanted ‘free’ things and complained about everything.”

Nevertheless, she stands by her accusation: “I have worked with many restaurants over the last four years and have never experienced such rudeness. I was shocked,” says the young woman.

Another influencer also recently got into trouble: He repeatedly showed a young woman on his Instagram page who just wanted to train in a gym.

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