Ideally, at a wedding you want everything to go perfectly and without any unpleasant surprises. A wedding couple from Munich experienced a rude awakening.

Many people plan their wedding day from start to finish. From the location to the food and drinks to the guest list, this event is usually planned meticulously. 

Because one thing no one really wants at their wedding is an unplanned surprise. This is especially true when it comes to a surprise of a financial nature.

The bill for food and drinks is usually very large, especially when the wedding party is large. However, it gets strange when the bill is handwritten on a piece of paper and also raises a few other questions. A bride shared this experience with the community on Reddit.

In her post, the user first announces the details of the bill: “Total bill for the evening is 6,100 euros, of which 3,200 euros (plus the champagne reception at 330 euros) are drinks. Guests: 39 adults and 13 children between two and six. Two children under two.”

The bride then explains that she found some inconsistencies in the invoice, which was handwritten on a piece of paper. For example, no VAT rate could be derived from the explanations, which is why the bride assumes that “the tax authorities won’t see anything about it.”

Of course, this is just a guess for now, but other details also cause the user to be suspicious. The number, especially of alcoholic drinks, does not really match the number of adult wedding guests.

“Based on his calculation, a total of 611 drinks (coffee and champagne at the champagne reception) are said to have been drunk between 5:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. “The one waiter is said to have served around 75 drinks per hour and at the same time ran the entire place,” the user explains. Their conclusion: “According to his calculations, we should all have crawled out.”

She also notes that the wedding should actually have been a closed society, but this would not have been taken into account due to financial gain. In the bride’s eyes, this once again illustrates the character of the host. According to the user, many other aspects such as cleaning, rooms and small meals would also “deviate significantly from the agreed price.”

The comments under the post seem to largely agree in their opinion. “Demand a real bill. If you’re being ripped off, then he should actually pay taxes,” writes one user under the post. 

Others recommend that the bride contact the tax office directly and report this “invoice” there: “The only thing the organizer cares about is the tax office. I would report it.”

By Frederik Steinhage (ste)

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