Not a Problem for Shirin David, who spends the days at the moment anyway in the Studio and working on new Songs and is so taken that she forgot her birthday, even as you told in your Instagram Story.

a look at this post on Instagram to A post shared by Shirin David (@Shirin David) on Apr 12, 2020 at 4:40 PM PDT

you bring shoes out

A small sample, it nevertheless gave for their Fans to celebrate the day and she posted a short piece from the Song “90-60-111”. That Shirin is a big Nicki Minaj Fan, is already no longer a secret, but sounds like your new Track suspicious after the style of American rapper.

your Fans from pegs in the Mega Song and the anticipation for new songs, and this increases immeasurably. A Surprise David for their waiting Fans but: On Easter Monday will bring you so-called Shiriletten out. Flip-flops imprinted with “Give him”, their Hit Single from last year!

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