Russian oil and gas producers begin to ease quarantine measures on their projects. LUKOIL, shift workers which have been blocked in Iraq on West Qurna-2, the staff changes for the first time over 90 days, Gazprom is exporting workers from Chayanda, preparing to recruit new staff members the projects of NOVATEK. Most companies still retain the extended regime for their employees, believing it to be optimal. Kommersant’s sources in the industry say that the new timetable could save on transportation costs, but we have to raise salaries.Lukoil Mid-East Limited (operator of LUKOIL projects in Iraq) for the first time in three months changed the seconded staff at the West Qurna-2. The company reported that it was “a first step towards the gradual resumption of the regular schedule of work on the field, West Qurna-2”. The largest foreign oilfield LUKOIL became the main problematic areas of the company on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, as I am having problems with perevalovskoy due to the closure of borders. In April, the President of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov said that the company agreed with the employees at West Qurna-2 that they were on the field more than 60 days. In Russia the company since the end of April translated by shift workers on a 60-90 day schedule on the watches, more than double the accepted norm.In other Russian oil companies until schedule work in 60-90 days. In “Gazprom oil” “Kommersant” reported that they consider best program virus, launched in late April: a new timing to minimize the number of perevertova without overworking employees and maintaining the required level of occupational safety. It noted that “Gazprom oil” has created more than 100 of the buffer of the terminal for temporary isolation and testing COVID-19 incoming watch personnel. Shift workers spend two weeks to identify possible symptoms of the virus. To revise perevertova the company plans depending on the overall epidemiological situation.In “Rosneft” not comment on the situation, but the company has also increased megahome terms from 30 days to 90 and organized 250 detention facilities in the regions, 68 Observatorul.In “Gazprom” “Kommersant” said that the duration of the shifts and rotations of personnel are determined by the subsidiaries, given the production problems, the epidemiological situation and in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Before the start of action to combat infection, the duration of the watches varied with the Crescent to two months. Now it is two to three months, the company said. With the Chayanda field of “Gazprom” in Yakutia was taken on may 29 167 shift workers, all were taken more than 7 thousand workers, reported oberstab Republic. Quarantine there was announced on 17 April. Total authorities Regioon plan to pick up from the area of infection of 8.5 thousand workers by June 1.The contractor NOVATEK “Velesstroy”, on one of the objects which in Belokamenka, where construction of the LNG plant “Arctic LNG 2”, was discovered to be a source of infection, reported that now the work schedule of employees in the regions varies depending on the local epidemiological situation: “the Duration of the camp stay was actually changed at all facilities “Velesstroy”: first of all it affected foreign citizens in connection with the closing of borders because of the pandemic. The majority of our Russian employees after receiving negative test results for coronavirus finished watch and went to the places of residence. A number of workers wishing to remain with the watch, were left on the objects, but in each individual case be decided separately.””Due to the normalization of the epidemiological situation, the company expects to resume the mobilization of personnel to the construction site in Belokamenka on 9 June. On that date the Charter is planned, which will take the workers “Velesstroy” in Murmansk. Now all these personnel undergo a planned 14-day observation, which is a prerequisite for entry to watch,” said in the “Velesstroy”. From 1 July, celebrate there, “Velesstroy” is planning to start a new mobilization of staff to object to the settlement Sabetta (Yamal), where is Russia’s largest gas liquefaction plant “Yamal LNG”, but to go there the staff will be only with a negative test for the coronavirus.Belokamenka is already officially excluded from the list of foci coronavirus infection no more is the territory of the spread of the virus, announced may 29 the regional oberstab Murmansk region citing data from the specialists of Rospotrebnadzor. As explained “Kommersant” in the “Velesstroy” at the production site in Sabetta remains necessary number of employees to continue the implementation of the project in accordance with work schedules (about 200 employees). The rest of the shift workers went home after isolation.Olga Matushenko