The Shift 6m is not simply a new Smartphone. This is already noticeable when switched on. “Smartphones can be time killers”, mobile phones can be time-consuming, i.e. at Start-up. Also on the back of the device to the supplied battery case, the words are printed small.

The German Smartphone manufacturers Shift will not produce interchangeable, mass-produced goods, but meaningful work devices for mobile people, for as long as possible. Four years ago, the Start-up with a 7-inch Phablet, since then, came four more models in different sizes.

anyone Who buys a Shift, decides consciously for it. He gets no device that can technically compete at the top, one that was made fair and transparent. The shift phones be manufactured in a small technology company in China. This Assembly makes up about 80 percent of the human work on a mobile phone.

Good conditions for workers in China

The workers in the factory work under similar working conditions, such as in Germany and obtain an above-average salary. Everything is documented openly on the website and for the customers made public.

Aware of the manufacturer dispensed with, by the way, the term “fair” in the brand name, because the founders of the change, and because they are also aware that this process is just beginning.

Thus, the Shift is dependent on suppliers, where the influence on the working conditions is small. The German manufacturer here rely on NGOs and consultants, which give those manufacturers and suppliers that adhere to an acceptable Standard of sustainability.

Also in the case of raw materials this is difficult. Therefore, the Shift-Phones to be examined in January 2019 of German universities to the materials contained broken down in detail. They are to be drawn thereafter, to be as fair as possible, for Gold and Tin Shift has already found a Partner.

The life of the replaceable battery is fantastic

As well, the Shift 6m Smartphone is now? It is a classic Smartphone in the middle class. With a library, Helio X27 processor with 4 GB of memory. To 64 GB of storage, which are expandable.

Even if the processor is already two years old, running the 6m with Android 8.0 is really fast. No stuttering, no lag. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer relies on almost pure Android, the slim is therefore, and the System won’t slow you down.

this is Helpful, even with the battery life. The battery is 4240 mAh already huge, thanks to good resource Management, it comes loose in two days of battery life. That is exemplary. Since you want to the with 199 grams of slightly higher weight.

C-cable is Charged via USB. And the battery should give up the Ghost, it is possible to remove as the plastic back of the phone itself and the battery replaced. There is today hardly more, but of course well to the idea of sustainability.

Positive is the nice wide 5.7-inch Screen with Amoled technology and Full HD resolution on the amount of time. In contrast to many models from the middle class, the Screen is nice and bright, so that it can be read even in bright sunlight.

The Design seems bulky and a little old-fashioned

for More Details please when you Shift 6m. The device has three Slots, one for the memory card, two Nano-SIM cards. You can use one of two telephone or data provider with 4G/LTE in parallel. A faster fingerprint Sensor, which, unfortunately, is not attached to the case is quite easily accessible.

After all: The elegant silicone Bumper will be delivered free of charge. The Smartphone is set to eventually hold as long as possible. Therefore, the manufacturer has glued also a bulletproof glass protection film on the screen. And the right screwdriver is also included. So you could Unscrew the phone in the emergency yourself.

in addition to many positive aspects, there are also two points of criticism of the 6m as a Smartphone. So the Design is not particularly fancy, the device is bulky, and primarily above and below the Display edges fairly thick.

So that you can live well. The biggest compromise is the camera quality. Both the 21-Megapixel rear camera as the 13-Megapixel Sensor on the Front of the focus is slow. As soon as the light conditions are not so good, they usually need several attempts before a usable photo.

The Shift 6m is a good everyday phone with significantly more Strengths than weaknesses. Who does not want to use the device as a replacement for the photographic camera, will be satisfied. The price of 650 francs is easily manageable, if you are interested in the fair production technology and the efforts behind it.

What you must know: The manufacturer produces only in small series. Who now shift ordered, will receive their device sometime this Winter, but as soon as the new Batch was produced.

of Course, the shift phone is still not a completely fair and sustainable Smartphone – this would currently probably to some extent affordable prices is impossible. But the manufacturer is on a good way to do that, in the good, usable devices on the market, but are produced under better production conditions than the other mass-produced goods.

And technically innovative, the Germans also. Thus, it is planned for 2020 is a modular concept with a name SHIFTmu. A Power calculator in mobile phone size, is at the same time Smartphone, Laptop and Desktop computers.