Shifrin said that Stepanenko has frozen eggs

On TV channel “Russia 1”, the premiere show of Elena Stepanenko “the night”.

From Stepanenko were mysterious boyfriend

The first invitee was her colleague on the shop floor Efim Shifrin. Comedians had fun talking and shocked the audience with salty jokes, – says “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

So, Stepanenko showed how it raises the bar.

“Lena, stop it, you have to give birth!” – braked her Shifrin. –You’ve all frozen in the fridge.”

Stepanenko the presence of biomaterial in the fridge confirmed.

By the way, Elena Stepanenko is one of the few artists who do not have their pages on instagram.

As she explained, she waits Olga Buzova, which it to learn and use to social network and meet there with the Cavaliers.

Despite the fact that Elena is already 67, it is quite enviable bride. The boys umoristici no, it looks great, and after the division of property Petrosian will become a very wealthy woman, although now is not a disaster.

As previously reported, “Rambler”, with Elena Stepanenko, who recently divorced with her husband Evgenie Petrosyan started to look the unknown man. T

Secret admirer a little younger actress, showering her with flowers, but the comedian says that her new relationship is not necessary.