Quebec filmmaker Sophie Deraspe (to whom we owe Antigone in particular) is back behind the camera for a brand new film, entitled Berger.

The shooting of the feature film, inspired by the novel Where are you from, shepherd? by Mathyas Lefebure, began on May 22 in Arles, southern France. It will end on July 7 in the Alps.

Berger tells the story of Mathyas (played by Quebecer Félix-Antoine Duval), a man losing his senses who decides to leave his job as an advertiser in Montreal for that of a shepherd in Provence. However, his journey towards pastoral tranquility will be strewn with obstacles…

The film is a Canada-France co-production (micro_scope and French company Avenue B); Sophie Deraspe and Mathyas Lefebure sign the adaptation. Berger will hit theaters in Quebec in 2024.