Shepelev ridiculed home kajmanov quarantined

37-year-old TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev made fun home kajmanov quarantined. Taking a great interest sports, the former husband of Jeanne Friske not throwing classes and retreats, not forgetting along the way to make a joke about their own and others ‘ productivity. Being in their own homes, many began to share their own success in personal microblogs. Shepelev also decided to make its own contribution.

“I’m telling you, practice every day! Where? Lock yourself in the toilet. I have a large. Don’t believe? Okay…every other day. And about the toilet is true. I never lie”, – he joked, and the others believed him, put the textured dumbbell.

A post shared by Dmitry Shepelev (@dmitryshepelev) on Apr 23, 2020 at 8:04am PDT

However, the followers efforts Shepeleva did not believe. They said Dmitry’s face can be seen, that in recent times sporting gun it is never in the hands did not take.

“I got Fat once, And face kruglenko”, “Plump”, “a Few pounds definitely scored extra”, “Chubby already,” they wrote.