Oksana Robski

we Continue to recall the main secular characters of zero, and today on the queue the story about the 52-year-old Oksana Robski. Her books about life on the ruble was reading all who wanted to find a tycoon, her co-author was Ksenia Sobchak, and then she dropped everything and moved to Beverly hills. Six men, 11 books and one grandson — telling the live of the one that led the chronicle of the fat zero.

Oksana Robski

Oksana polyanska (that’s her maiden name) was born 10 Jun 1968 in Moscow in a typical Soviet family — both her parents were teachers. The family lived in the Central area of the city.

a father of Oksana died when she was seven years old. When she and her older brother grew up, their mother remarried. Stepfather was a pilot of civil aviation.

interest in the work of Oksana showed from an early age. While still in school, she began to write notes in the newspaper, and also attended a course of young journalists at Moscow state University. Later in some interview Robski claimed to have studied at the faculty of journalism, but the documentary evidence was not found.

Oksana Robski and Anna Semenovich

Her professional life, she began as assistant Director on the TV, and then the circus in the Lenin hills. The interest in this, apparently, is not lost, and in 2000 she graduated from the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors (workshop of Vladimir Menshov and Alexander Gelman).

However, the time for action script was like the whole life of Oksana, but the business was far more important than creativity.

still, the time dictated its conditions. In 1995, she began publishing through a journal about Pets “Sebastian”, and three years later switched to furniture business. She worked with her third husband — a German citizen Michael Robski, who gave Oksana sonorous name, which she praised.

Oksana Robski and her husband Michael Robski

In Moscow, the couple opened a chain of antique and interior business, and the Oksana had the Agency of female bodyguards “Nikita”. It was the first such firm in Russia, so their contribution to the struggle for gender equality and women’s access to “masculine” profession Robski made before it became mainstream.

the Story about the personal life of Oksana to have to deal with third husband because the first two little is known. The press is not leaked even the names of the elect — only meager details of the sad final of the marriage and life. First husband Andrey Antonov, the marriage with whom Oksana gave birth to a daughter, Daria, was killed in a fight, the second (his personality Oksana hid) was assassinated — the outcome for the 90s absolutely not unique.

Michael Robs�� gave the girl his name. Married with him Oksana gave birth to a son Joseph, but the family eventually broke up — a German businessman, leaving his former wife’s house on the ruble, went to Asia, and Oksana immersed in secular life.

Oksana Robski and his son Joseph

Daughter Oksana Robski Dasha

According to her, after the divorce, the financial situation was not so stable, and had to figure out what to do to earn a living. Then Oksana and remembered his youthful enthusiasm of the writing. For the subjects do not have to.

And in the immediate vicinity of the mansion on the ruble, passions were running high, typical of a new business elite of Russia: money, a mistress, a murder, selfish servant.

Anfisa Chekhov and Oksana Robski

Passion were interspersed with a detailed description of the delicacies, expensive alcohol and the sad remarks that it is God asking completely about. Respectable gentlemen came to the point that even the respectable Lord was already out of place.

Oksana Robski and Ksenia Sobchak

In the story is the debut novel by Robski Casual, which in 2005 was given to all the students who dreamed about the sweet life, one can see some Parallels with her personal biography.

the Main character, the widow of oligarch Serzh and mother of a minor daughter, “orders” the person who, according to her, killed her husband. In the process it turns out that I ordered wrong, but in the arena appears and the pregnant mistress of Serge, from which irresistibly lead to the true killer.

All are United under the key word of the departed to the title of the book is “Everyday”. What really is the Lord.

Murder, real and potential, brings the heroine just a few unpleasant minutes, no more. No extra reflection, no exaltation of Rodion Raskolnikov. The cozy Barbie dream house, there is no crime and punishment — there are other rules, other laws,

— wrote about the novel, the journalist Maya Kucherskaya.

the novel, being the first such work written in hot pursuit of a new era, of course, became a bestseller and was subsequently translated into several languages, including English and Chinese.

In the same year, without giving the audience time to recover, Robski released and the next book “the Day of happiness — tomorrow”, which is, however, that entourage that story was, if not a twin, then certainly “twin” first.

Oksana Robski, Masha Tsigal, Uliana Zeitlin

reaction to the Casual was contradictory. Roman got in the short list of award “national bestseller”, and the nomination of an anti-award “Silver Shoe”. Critics condescendingly compared with Robski “talking Chanel handbag” and thus was suspected of using literary slaves.

in a word, was it is clear that there is a new pop culture phenomenon. By the way, in reviews of the time remained interesting statistics: Robski sold better Akunin. The phenomenon a few years later she explained to Tatler.

the Debut novel of Oksana can to some extent be compared with “the Great Gatsby”, which is captured for eternity rich America of the twenties, when fortunes were made on time. Only Gatsby lived on the Golden mile of long island, and the heroine Robski on ours. The novel played a crucial role. He finally made the ruble a myth of a new time. Oksana clever Stalker held the enchanted wanderer in the Rublev zone

— I wrote about the book Robski in the journal.

No wonder the living pulsation of time and felt Sergey Chliyants, producer of another product of its time — the movie “Boomer”. The rights to the novel he bought, even when the book existed only in manuscript. However, in the end the movie never came out. Robski although she was offered the lead role of his girlfriend Ksenia Sobchak, a suitable actress was not found.

But cooperation with Sobchak formed in a different plane — a secular divas joined forces and wrote the book “Zамуж a millionaire”. She was not just a biography of the glamorous society, but in practice a Handbook for entrepreneurial women.

the true Rublev experts share their secret information, where there are oligarchs and how to keep them on the hunt,

it was said in the annotation.

By the way, the Oksana in this period of bright love romances with billionaires not noted: in 2008, she had only a short-term marriage with a football player and coach Igor Shalimov. Husband and wife be only from April to October: an original interpretation of the popular lines that the summer is a small life.

Oksana Robski and Igor Shalimov

In the book with the thoroughness of the Handbook has painted the species and subspecies of the oligarchs and warned guests “with a second-class ticket on a steam train to Moscow” that the world of glamour is not the same as I think about it, having read a secular chroniclers who themselves “have not allowed”.

In the load to the reading Robski and Sobchak also released a self-titled perfume, which, apparently, was to help whether it is better to feel sweet life, or still to get there.

After this happened finally with the movie — she was a screenwriter for the film adaptation of his novel “About любoff/on”. A film made by the production company of Igor Tolstunov with a first — time Director in a feature film by Olga Subbotina. The cast, on the contrary, has gathered quite the star: Olga Sutulova, Oksana Fandera, Evgeniy Stychkin, Juozas Budraitis.

On the screens it was released in 2010, four years after the release of the book, but then all this nightlife newsreels began to be lost in the string of imitators. Her debut novel Robski truly opened for Russia a new genre, where soon she was no longer a pioneer, and one of the. In 2009, she released a sequel to the “Casual 2”, but still this was a passing nature.

Left and she Robski — of gossip in a relaxed overseas life. Turn that quite would appreciate her character, which is boring boring sold the business, went to India. Itself Oksana, however, chose the first Saint Bart, and then settled in Beverly hills.

During this time, she changed two of her husband, about which too little is known. Fifth husband Robski was the businessman Oleg Gorelyshev. However, talk to her on this subject could not even Tatler.

What’s his business? Why?

— said Oksana in interview with a question.

Oksana Robski and Oleg Gorelyshev

these Relations, however, seem to have been romantic and even pushed Robski on feats. For example, in an interview with OK! she admitted that for the sake of Oleg even started to cook and run the household (the husband gave her five chickens). Instead of social events lovers went fishing and traveling.

I threw him a romantic dinner during our trip to Egypt. Although the man sort of have a dinner to arrange. Oleg was in a bad mood, so I decided to make it enjoyable. Us on the mini-carts were taken in a private place near the sea, where a table was set, candles were lit,

— recalls Oksana.

However, at some point, the whole romance was over. In August 2015 Robski got married for the sixth time. But what else can be the woman who said, “I believe that next to a woman should always be a man. Otherwise, what is all this?”.

the name of the new husband Robski’s still hiding. Not leaked to the press and details of the celebration — it is only known that at the bachelorette party she was partying with her friends, Anna Semenovich and Anna Tsukanova-Cott.

Anna Semenovich, Oksana Robski and Anna Tsukanova-Cott

Sixth husband of Oksana Robski

Then the press wrote that the Beverly hills Robski again moved to Barvikha, but according to her instagram so you will not say — despite lockdown and closed borders, Oksana again sitting on the ground. If you believe the updates in her blog, now she enjoys the sun on deserted beaches in Dubrovnik, where he arrived from Dubai.

a hint of a desire to return to literature, or at least secular parties Robs�� also gives. She has a new status — a loving grandmother. In April 2018, her daughter Dasha (she is now 30 years old) married the son of designer Leyla Ulukhanli, and soon she had a son named Sam.

Dasha Robski husband

Photos from walks with the baby, Oksana shared with her followers, which she, by the way, just a little more than four thousand.

Oksana Robski with grandson Sam

the Daughter of Oksana in 2018 launched its own cosmetics brand natural cosmetics Wonder Me. Son, Joseph, who is now 18 years until, apparently, lives and travels with her mother and enjoys music — rapping under the pseudonym Kippage. In 2018 in her blog she wrote about the speech of the son of a concert in one of capital restaurants.

Oksana Robski and his son Joseph

She Robski neither the huskies nor the cover is clearly not being followed. It seems that the “day of happiness” has come. And he is not tomorrow, but today.