During the Russian rocket attack on Kyiv, doctor Dr. Oksana Leontyeva (36) and died while on her way to the hospital to work. Shortly before that, she gave up her son Grischa (5) in the kindergarten, where he found protection in the basement, reports “Bild”.

Oksana’s father Gregory (62) recounts the tragic incident that killed five people, including his daughter. Concerned about the current missile warnings, he called his daughter: “No one answered. I called her work and her boss told me that she hadn’t arrived yet,” he says to “Bild”.

After the explosions, he immediately drove to the place where there had been an explosion, he continues. He “asked a police officer if there was a car like my daughter’s. They showed me the license plate they found on the street…”.

“As a result of the bombing by Russia on 10/10/22, our colleague Oksana Leontyeva, doctor in the bone marrow transplant department of the Okhmatdyt National Children’s Hospital, died. Her son, 5-year-old Grisha, was left without parents,” a colleague wrote on Twitter.

dr Oksana Leontyeva was one of the best doctors in Kyiv, she was an oncologist at the “Okhmatdyt”, a children’s hospital. The clinic describes her as a “true professional” and recognizes her death as a “great loss for Okhmatdyt and all of Ukraine.”

The five-year-old son has now lost both parents, according to the report. The father had died after a heart condition. The child is now being looked after by his grandfather. Grischa does not yet know anything about his mother’s death. “Up to now he thinks his mother works and that she works hard. Today or tomorrow we will give him this information so that it is not too late,” says Gregory of “Bild”.