the Russian tourists said NGS.RU, what impressions they have left after conquering domestic resorts this summer. For example, a native of Yekaterinburg Natalia Babikova, who visited this year in Anapa, stated that she is in this “hole” will not return.

Natalie said that for the first time in life visited on the Black sea, and then, because he was “forced” to go to the Russian resort of coronavirus.

“the Hole is still the same, sorry, locals, but the development of the zero device of the RSFSR. Sea smelly”, — shared his impressions from Yekaterinburg.

the Only advantage of your stay in Anapa Babikov called “normal prices”. With regard to the epidemiological situation, about “the crown” at the resort, as if no one heard mask the vacationers are not, and restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping centres are open for visits.

In turn rested in July in Sochi Elena Mokrushina from Chelyabinsk decided that the week for three came more than two in Turkey. In addition to high prices, resort upset the influx of tourists.

On the observance of social distance, not talking, and on the beaches every time you have to fight for his place under the umbrella. “Better by far Turkey would be opened only in it”, — says Elena.

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