While it is Best to have neighbors living room concert’ this Saturday, will be in addition to the Player Destadsbader and the Neighbour also, She has A & Daalman, from their living room to sing. She’s A (44) is not only a musical duo, with Daalman (43), singer-songwriter, who with his true name, His Macquoi as it is called.

The singer has told in yesterday’s program, Ladies single < / I> You’re to them, not only musically alive, but that they also have a liefdeskoppel form. And that’s all because of Macquoi his promise to pay for the shoes up, and She asked to join him in the song You to take. “I added that my only option was to have it,” he said Macquoi of < / I> in The News .

it was clear to the other person. Though that’s not at all surprising, keeping in mind that You , the song is about an unattainable and impossible love.