For several months, David and Victoria Beckham had to live in fear and terror. Because the family was being followed by a mentally confused stalker. Among other things, she even ambushed eleven-year-old Harper. But now the stalker is being tried.

Behind ex-soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria are apparently tough months. They felt threatened by a stalker and at times had to fear for their children’s lives. Ex-Spice-Girl Victoria Beckham is said to have not even dared to leave the house alone between July and November 2021.

As “” reports, citing a statement from Westminster Magistrates’ Court, the stalker is Sheron Bell, a woman aged 58. She is said to suffer from a mental disorder, which apparently also contributes to the decision not to put her on trial for the time being, but to transfer her to a closed institution.

The details of the stalker’s pursuit for several months are shocking. She had ambushed David Beckham several times and revealed her confused world of thoughts in personal letters. Among other things, she writes that she has feelings for him and apparently imagines living in a relationship with him and having children together. However, David had had brain cells removed that would impair his knowledge of it.

According to the report, David Beckham himself emphasizes that the stalker’s messages have become “more and more frightening” over time. “He became fearful for the safety of his family and worried about what Ms. Bell might do next,” Magistrate Michael Snow said, according to the online report The Sun.

Citing handwritten letters from Sheron Bell, Judge Snow also said, “She said Victoria Beckham owed her money and that Victoria Beckham robbed her.” things” to have done. More fantasies follow.

What was particularly disturbing for the Beckhams was that it didn’t stop with the confused verbal attacks. So the woman insisted on meeting David Beckham and showed up at the London residence of the famous family at the appointment she had set herself. Ultimately, however, the perpetrator and the victim probably did not meet. However, on November 18, 2021, Bell reportedly attempted to pick up the Beckhams’ daughter, Harper Beckham, from school. She posed as her mother and was arrested.

Bell himself largely denies the allegations, according to the report.

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