Showman Garik Kharlamov ridiculed the words of a leading Comment Out Vladimir Marconi that his divorce with Christina Asmus was a joke. Rapper djigan (Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein) rushed to the aid of each. He gave him advice how to act in a similar situation.

Marconi previously stated that the comedian Kharlamov and his wife become the new guests of his YouTube show. Celebrity couple gets divorced. It was one of the tasks.

Kharlamov confirmed that the decision to dissolve the marriage with the actress is not a joke and is not a job on another show. He noted that Marconi will not even be able to publish the trailer for this release, because he is a liar. Djigan, recently caught in the scandal of a divorce with his beloved, decided to recommend the comic to shave the eyebrows. The contractor already did that when I was going through an internal crisis because of a quarrel with his wife Oksana Samoilova.

Just shave the eyebrows, the musician wrote under the post Kharlamov.

Resident of Comedy Club has not responded to the Council of the rapper.

8 years ago, we began a relationship with @asmuskristina Good figure 8. The infinity sign. We were married on 8 August. But on earth there is nothing infinite. We are, unfortunately, no exception. Our way Christina does not end, but goes to another stage. Which I hope will always be a place of friendship and respect. Yes, we are getting a divorce. But we will certainly remain loving parents of a beautiful daughter. It was a great 8 years. I am immensely grateful to Christine for them and for the most important and important thing in our life for our daughter. Certainly there will be speculation, but I just want to clarify that neither the pandemic nor the film Text, nor someone else in this situation not to blame. It happens in life. It happens. But we will always be loved ones and we part as friends, with great respect to each other. Now comes the divorce process. This is a difficult period for all of us, so I ask the press not to bother me, Christina and all of our loved ones. But speculation and conjecture will abound in different public servers and forums. This is not a toy taken away )

Publish from Garik Kharlamov (@garikkharlamov) 22 Jun 2020 at 6:57 PDT

A message about divorce the artists published June 22. Resident of Comedy Club, and the actress asked reporters not to bother them, as soon they are not going to commentment this painful time. And Kharlamov and Asmus stressed that their divorce is nobody’s fault, and promised to remain a loving parent for my daughter and maintain a friendly relationship.

As previously wrote fans do not believe neither the divorce nor subsequent to this reconciliation Djigan wife Oksana Samoilova. People have come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than a “HYIP family”.