Many of the cantons have taken the paradigm shift to a sustainable settlement development, there remain, however, still much to do, writes the network of spatial planning – an Association of organisations from the fields of culture, land, landscape and soil protection – on Friday on the occasion of a meeting in Bern.

Hard some of the cantons with the value – added tax-the centerpiece of Revision to do. Win a plot of land in value, because, for example, cheap agriculture land is to expensive land must give the owner a portion of that value. With the proceeds, among other things, the upcoming Auszonungen should be compensated.

How high is the to be delivered share of the added value, may determine, the cantons themselves. The Minimum sets the law at 20 percent.

Only six of the evaluated 24 cantons of the Instrument, the value-added tax very good (BS) or good (GR, JU, NE, SH, SO), by using their leeway for action, criticised, put in your specifications in the network. Other cantons opted for a modest (12) or minimalist (6) levy.

A pleasing result shows the balance sheet of the network of spatial planning in the second area, the so-called land mobilisation. The cantons would have recognized that you need to use the existing internal reserves of building land is better to avoid urban sprawl. All evaluated cantons (22 cantons) to the introduction of this instrument is very good (17) or good (5), praises the network.

was A special challenge for the cantons, the Revision of the indicative plans, it is said in the message. The majority of the cantons have created a space-a strategic tool to achieve the RPG1 objectives of sustainable settlement development – in particular, with good measures for the densification of the settlements.

Nevertheless, the growth takes place on the most valuable floors: to follow on from the fruit surfaces were still installed. The minimum amount of this valuable soil was secured in half of the evaluated cantons.

The network acknowledges the efforts made by the cantons for a sustainable settlement development – the building area per Person take already. Nevertheless, it calls on the cantons and municipalities to protect large zones are now more consistently back zones and the culture of the country better.