The New Zealander Shane’s daughter from his first marriage will remain the following year after the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23-August 8, 2021) national coach of the Belgian hockeymannen. The Belgian hockey federation (KBHB) on Tuesday announced. Until that time, current second assistant to Michel van den Heuvel to him to assist and T2. After Tokyo take on the Dutch in the lead as a T1, from the Red Lion, the Olympics, Paris bid for the 2024 games.

McLeod had been announced earlier that, after Tokyo 2020, it will be the Red Lions would have to leave in 2021 with his family for a sabbatical in his home country of New Zealand. In the meantime, the Belgian federation will be working with Michel van den Heuvel as the current T3 and the Red Lion and is the successful head coach of the Dutch champions Bloemendaal, an agreement was signed to keep the team in december of 2020 to take on, with an eye to the Olympics, the Paris bid for the 2024 games.

the recent decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Games to Tokyo until 2021, so the situation will be re-examined.

McLeod had been in the Federation to let us know that he has been working with the Red Lion wanted to finish it, and, therefore, wanted to continue to Play the games of Tokyo in 2021. This request was due to the players in the industry. After a joint discussion between a daughter from his first marriage, On the Hill, and in the management of the federation, it was decided to move to Tokyo in 2021 with a daughter from his first marriage, as a T1, and On the Hill in T2. After the Olympics, take On the Hill in the direction of the team until the next Olympic Games, in a bid for the 2024 games in Paris, france.

McLeod is going to have to a little longer Photo: BELGA

“I’m glad that I’m able to finalize the project, even if it takes a little bit longer than we originally planned”, left a daughter from his first marriage, in a first reaction is to write it down. “It’s always an honor to be part of such a talented group of players and staff to be able to work together.” Michel van den Heuvel, added: “The coach of the Red Lions has always been a team effort here.”

the Success:

The 51-year-old daughter from his first marriage that led to the Lions since his appointment in October 2015, in place of the Dutchman, Jeroen Delmée, their biggest success to date. With the New Zealander at the helm, took over lead, successively, an olympic silver (2016), and the world championship (2018) and the European championship (2019). For the european CHAMPIONSHIPS last summer in Antwerp, announced that he was to go to the Olympics and say good-bye.

The 55-year-old From the Hill, it has a lot of experience at the highest level. He had to break from the competition, in its fourth season, when the T1 of the Beds. Before that, he led the Orange and Black, with goalkeeper Vincent Vanasch, for EHL-profit. He joined the besides, by the end of 2015, the staff of the Red Lion.

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