The severe harassment surrounding the Austrian Grand Prix caused great horror. Like many other racing drivers, Sebastian Vettel demands no tolerance towards the perpetrators.

Vettel demands a lifetime ban: The severe sexist, racist and homophobic harassment by heavily intoxicated spectators in the grandstand of the Austrian Grand Prix caused a great deal of excitement. Sebastian Vettel shows a clear opinion and demands: “Whoever these people are, they should be ashamed and excluded from racing events for life,” reports “RTL”.

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Hamilton is disgusted: For him it’s okay if you “have fun and drink a lot. But that doesn’t justify or excuse wrong behavior,” says the four-time world champion. Record champion Lewis Hamilton is also shocked. He was “disgusted … we can’t allow this to continue”.

“Behaviour must not be tolerated”: Formula 1 has emphasized in a written statement: “We will speak to those who have reported the incidents. We take this very seriously. Such behavior will not be tolerated, all fans should be treated with respect. “