Even if RTL cut out the now notorious scene in which Dieter Bohlen (68) sexistically insulted DSDS candidate Jill Lange (22) shortly before the TV broadcast: The reputation of the casting show is still after the “through noodles” saying worse than he was before.

While RTL was only able to make a thin statement in which the broadcaster denied responsibility and Bohlen is still completely silent, Jill Lange has now spoken out again.

She reports what happened behind the scenes after the scene: “After my appearance in front of the jury, I was very emotional and at first I wasn’t really happy about the recall note. Employees from the production tried to build me up and my boyfriend and my best friend stood by my side,” said Lange in the “Bild”.

She has not received an apology – neither from Bohlen nor from RTL. “I think Dieter Bohlen should try not to cross borders and not to judge and humiliate people for their appearance, job or lifestyle, because the candidates have feelings and are vulnerable,” says Lange.

The 22-year-old also criticizes: “When I was able to look at the scene in front of the jury again, I was very disappointed that my counter-argument was not really shown and I perceived myself as silenced, which was not the case there was. I represent my opinion always and everywhere and I would not have had to make a statement afterwards if my complete counter-argument had been shown at the casting. I felt responsible for correcting the misrepresentation of women and for expressing my opinion on the jury’s statement.”

Lange did not try to prevent the scene from being broadcast, she reveals. On the contrary: she wants attention for the topic of sexism. “Ultimately, this creates enlightenment and more tolerance. It was a good example of how not to treat people.”

The way DSDS judge Dieter Bohlen dealt with a candidate on the show and his tasteless comment about her past on dating shows sparked a sexism scandal even before it was broadcast on television. Now RTL has cut out the controversial scene in the TV version.

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