The controversial hit song “Layla” will probably not be heard at the Oktoberfest either. A spokesman for the Oktoberfest hosts said on Thursday that the song should not be played in the festival tents.

Wirte spokesman Peter Inselkammer told “tonline”. “Among the landlords there is the prevailing opinion that ‘Layla’ is not played in the tents,” says Inselkammer. “We hosts all agree on that. There are many other good songs, we don’t need them.”

Inselkammer himself said “tonline” that he was not a fan of the song anyway. He finds the song “to be honest, a bit stupid.”

The song has sparked a sexism debate in recent days. You can read more about it here: PUSH – Allegations of sexism – “Layla” producer Ikke Hipgold: “It’s all a huge promotion”

A large forest fire broke out on the Greek island of Samos on Wednesday afternoon. A helicopter crashed into the sea while fighting the fire. Two people die and another is missing. The pilot survived but is in critical condition.

In Berlin, a man was stabbed in a gym at night. He was badly injured. The victim is believed to be a member of a well-known extended family clan.

Eight German vacationers are still in detention on Mallorca. The members of the “Stramm am Tisch” bowling club are accused of starting a fire in a bar at the end of May. Now a newly emerged WhatsApp photo is supposed to prove the innocence of the cone brothers.