From the Coronovirus and the possible risk of Contagion would Darasavanh F.* (50) your business is not spoil. The Thai woman received in her erotic and massage operation in Rheineck, SG, in spite of a state of emergency still Free – although Prostitution in Switzerland is currently prohibited, in fact, under.

A civilian police officer is on 24. March to the Parking lot in front of the establishment on the lookout, as the F. a “regular customer” receives, as it is called in the criminal command of the Prosecutor’s office of St. Gallen.

the visitors made in advance by phone, smart

The visitors protested to the police that he had made prior to his visit, yet extra telephone enquiries. As Darasavanh F. confirmed to him that her Studio was open, he had made on the way to take a massage for the price of 150 Swiss francs for 30 minutes.

“He was the only customer, I received in the whole time,” asserts F. the investigators and VIEWS. Just: justice is not buying her. Finally, a civil servant had been in their own investigations easily inserted, where three wenches had offered.

warrant of arrest suspects more customers

“Because of the circumstances described must rather be assumed that other customers have been served,” the criminal command. Due to the disregard of the Covid-19 regulation 2 of the Federal Council, F. receives Darasavanh now have a criminal record.

Because of the conviction she holds a conditional fine of 60 daily rates à 100 francs. Sample time: three years. In addition, the Thai have to pay a fine of 1500 Swiss francs and fees (CHF 500). What the person Concerned except it hurts properly.


to rely “I didn’t do it just for the Fun of it. Somehow, I need to fill but also to my fridge,” explains F. the spacing rules in the case of direct physical contact not to comply with, whether your aware of it.

in the weeks prior to the Corona-crisis, less and less customers would be wrong with her, why she was in urgent need of money. Darasavanh F. now wants to take out a loan to alleviate the financial Situation.

the city President wants erotic operation, keep in mind

Rheinecks city President Urs Müller (53) on the case: “In the current extraordinary emergency situation, the municipality could have an operation, closure, but is, in fact, already because of a Federal Council decision is made.”

More opportunities for intervention – such as a permanent closure – not to the municipality, as long as the eroticism of the construction operations meet requirements. “The law provides for a certain freedom of trade,” Müller said. But: “We will be watching the Situation around the operation continues exactly!”

*the Name has been changed


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

I Have the corona virus or just the flu?

The Coronavirus spreads further – also in Switzerland. Especially in the flu season, you can assess for yourself whether one is ill with the Coronavirus, or whether you just have an ordinary flu. The differences are subtle, but they exist. VIEWS is defined.

protection against Coronavirus

recommendations of the Federal office for health, how you can protect yourself:


wash your hands: Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use a Hand sanitizer. Don’t sneeze, you Sneeze into the hands, or cough in a handkerchief; or if you have none, in the bend of your elbow. Handkerchiefs to dispose of properly: paper towels, should be disposed of after use in a closed waste bin. You stay in fever and cough necessarily at home.

contact minimize

Stay home and avoid wherever possible contact with people. You go only in the following exceptional situations, out of the house: the food doctor shopping or pharmacy visit / the home office is for your job not possible / you have to help other people. You keep if possible 2 meters distance to your fellow human beings, for example, in a line or at meetings. Avoid contact with people breathing or have a cough. You avoid public transport. You can be all that is possible to home deliver. Important: No welcome kiss, no hugs, no shaking hands.

stay Informed

Note the local instructions and recommendations. Strictly to the rules and announcements of the authorities. Infoline Coronavirus: 058 463 00 00, 24 hours a day available Info-page of the BAG: bag-coronavirus.

when should the ch one to the doctor?

do not Go out in the symptoms (difficulty breathing, cough, or fever) in the Public and contact you immediately – first by phone, a Doctor, a doctor or a health care facility.


remains The Situation until Further notice. The Federal government informed in regular intervals about the current developments. It applies now more than ever: peace and quiet preserved, and the thing in common to serve.