Several counties have been hard hit by the storm in the weekend, and now the situation has escalated in the Inland. There are over 7000 households been without power in the course of the last few hours.

Cecilia Gregersen in Elvia, which supplies electricity to the Hinterland, Oslo and the Bay, says that one of the reasons is that trees have toppled over strømmaster.

IN READINESS: Cecilia Gregersen In Elvia says they have put a lot of work to resolve the situation and give the people the power back.

Photo: ELVIA

She believes some will be able to stand without power for several hours.

We are in readiness. We are working hard to rectify the issue and has put in many extra people. But, for some, enough the power outage last a while, ” says Gregersen.

more Powerful throughout the day

In Trøndelag, there have been similar conditions in the weekend.

CONTROL: Bengt Eidem in the electricity supplier Tensio say they now have control of the cuts in the county.

Photo: Trønderenergi

Bengt Eidem, head of communication at nettkonsernet Tensio, says that at midnight Sunday was over 3000 households that lost power.

It was hectic for the worst, but now is the problem about to be solved. There are now only around 30 that are without power, says Eidem.

In the Hinterland to the situation, however, likely to escalate. It is reported more powerful wind throughout the day.

7000 WITHOUT POWER: Well over 7000 Elvia (previously Eidsiva)-customers have lost power in the Inland today.

Photo: Eidsiva

the Weather will become more unsettled ahead in the day, so this will probably frame more people than what we see as of now, ” says Gregersen in Elvia.

See Elvias overview of where there is a power outage right now.

Parts of the Bay also hit

Elvia has also registered a number of power outages in the Bay as a result of the storm. The situation is now stabilized.

Total in the Bay and Inland, has about 9,000 households have been affected in the past day.