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Several police reports about the many private parties on the night of 1. the easter Sunday.

We cancelled a party with around 20 people present in one firmalokale in the centre of Trondheim. The leader of the company and multiple employees should have been present. It must have been the widespread drug use at the party, more should have been prosecuted for this, ” says Wenche Johnsen, operasjonsleder in Trøndelag police district.

Three of the people at the party were taken in the brig, the party ended at 02.15, ” says Johnsen.

–This should not happen, but we don’t have any expectations that people who also use drugs shall comply with the regulations, ” says operasjonslederen and follow up:

We think not, of course, something about this when the rest of the Uk trying to make a concerted effort. The leader of the company was and at the party, it shows poor judgment, ” says Johnsen.

the Police of the county received a total of 18 messages about the disturbance of the natteroen, feststøy and violations of smittevernbestemmelsene according to the number of people gathered in the night.

the Parties draws to the private house when the bars are closed and when they interfere with the to a greater extent neighbors, ” says Johnsen.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen. Should have shared a picture of the party with around 20 people

In the course of the night, police in the South-Western police district received 25 messages about the disturbance of nattero, loud music and disturbances. The night before was the number seven.

According to a referrer should probably have been a party with over 20 participants. He had received a picture on Snapchat from the party, tells operasjonsleder Olaug Bjørnsen.

A 28-year-old in the Gaff municipality in Jæren held the party for the second night in a row. According to the police played the man very loud music, when they arrived in the neighborhood. 28-year-old was prosecuted for public nuisance.

We rush out to the parties and give oral orders to stop by the party. In addition, we provide advice and guidance on how they should respond to care. We must, however, move out again, so the reaction will be more stringent.

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But not everyone comes to visit. The police stated that they have not had the capacity to check out all the tips about the festivities.

” People call in and tell that your neighbor is having a party, and that it will probably be around ten people gathered. It is not unusual that we get these messages, but the authorities have discouraged this type of activity, ” says Bjørnsen.

She tells us that they often receive many messages in the course of a long weekend, and that it should perhaps come even more now. Since the nightlife is closed.

People are mostly law-abiding, ” says operasjonslederen.

50 cars and a tractor collected in the counties of Møre and Romsdal

Just before at 01: 00 am, we got the message about a large collection of cars and young people at the parking lot at the Molde storsenter. There were several groups who stood in close, says operasjonsleder Per Åge Ferstad

Møre and Romsdal police district writes that several callers were concerned about infection and råning.

the Police took the contact with them was on the site and urged them to keep a good distance and follow the advice from the Norwegian institute of public health.

We said that it was undesirable that so many were gathered at the same place and it resolved itself by itself, ” says Ferstad.

Operasjonslederen tells that it might otherwise have been a quiet night in the county.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen. Have the impression that people did not take the advice from the authorities just as seriously

Police in Wyoming reported that they received multiple messages about feststøy in the county in the night. The police have visited many of these and closed the fasteners.

Operasjonsleder Remi Johansen in Nordland police tells that they had around 15 festrelaterte mission in the night.

– It is as it has been in the past since life has not been open, ” he says.

Johansen tells that the festivities lasts a bit longer than usual, and that it often gets a little noisy and disruptive for your neighbors who want peace and quiet.

It seems as though people do not take the advice from the authorities just as seriously longer, ” he says and follows up:

– There is reason to emphasise that there has not been any frislipp on some things. The police are stretched far to go out with guidance and I hope we don’t have to tighten the rules further, ” he says.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen. Party and råning in Sogn and Nordfjord

– a Bit special is that the people organizes the party now, when there are clear warnings and recommendations related to infection control. Most people follow them, but some examples of a opposite, it is the, unfortunately, ” says operasjonsleder West police district, Per Algrøy.

In the County police were tipped off by more that 15 people were gathered at a party.

We called the host and informed about the national recommendations for infection control, as well as relating to the environment. The host chose to quit the party.

In Stryn collected several from bilmiljøet. It was reported that loud music, the noise and the overspeed of the motors. The police responded, and the aggregation was broken up. Operasjonslederen tells us that they complied with their orders. Otherwise, he tells about a relatively quiet night.

Loads Twitter content Could not load the content, but you can go to twittermeldingen. Quiet night in the several police districts

Gjermund Stokkli, operasjonsleder in Oslo police district says that they in night had 16 missions as a result of feststøy, loud music, crowd of people, and public nuisance on the private place.

– 16 mission is under the average of what is normal, so we have had a quiet night in Oslo, says Stokkli.

Police in the Hinterland and in Finnmark tells and to see that they have had a quiet night with few festrelaterte mission.

Believes that the majority of people in Troms follow the rules

– We’ve had several messages about public nuisance and private partying, ” says operasjonsleder Eirik Kileng in the Troms police district.

– We completed, among others, a party at the Borkenes after that, it came to complain about the noise. It was between 12 og15 people at this party, ” says Kileng.

Operasjonslederen tells that they have ended some parties, but that the people, on the whole, relate to the rules and påleggene that is added.

in Summary, it seems that people follow the advice, ” says Kileng.

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