In Halle two groups are said to have attacked each other with cutting and thrusting weapons. Several people were injured in the clash late Monday evening, the police said on Tuesday. Some of the injured received medical treatment in hospitals. According to the current status, there is no danger to life for any of those involved.

The police are currently trying to determine what exactly happened in the Saaleaue area. Nothing was initially known about the number of people involved, the course of events and the background to the dispute between the two groups involved. Extensive interrogations were underway, a spokesman said. He left open whether there were arrests.

So far, according to the police, there is no evidence that sharp firearms have been used, it said. Some bullet casings were found at the scene and seized. Apparently they came from a stun gun. Damage to cars interpreted as bullet holes could come from other weapons or objects used in the altercation, the police spokesman said.

On Tuesday morning, several cars with destroyed windows and other damage were parked at the edge of a dirt road on the Saaleaue not far from Halle Neustadt. The police continued to secure clues. The crime scene was cordoned off. It is a fairly remote but manageable place without residential buildings, a harvested stubble field.

The “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” first reported online about the police operation in Halle Neustadt.

Simone Biles is the most successful gymnast in US sports history and has now been honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, it is not always recognized. On their return flight from Washington, the airline crew had a strange mishap.

In Stuttgart, the police discovered a dead woman in the Mercedes employee car park on Monday. Investigators assume a homicide. In the afternoon, the police find two more bodies in a house. It is unclear whether there is a connection.

A curious incident involving ships occurred on the Rhine near Koblenz. An 80-year-old skipper mistakenly drove a 180-meter-long pusher unit into a branch of the current off the fairway on Saturday night, as the water police announced on Sunday.