Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas in an interview with the newspaper Rheinische Post said that his country opposes the return of Russia in the G7 and expansion of the format as a whole.

“the G7 and G20 are two sensitively coordinated format. We do not need any G11 or G12”, — he said.

Naming the numbers 11 and 12, Maas obviously was referring to Australia, India and South Korea, which us President Donald trump together with Russia had previously called to invite to the summit “seven”.

However, hardly anyone ever occur to you that some of the three latter countries can actually join the new format. This, of course, primarily about Russia, to call which trump called and informed obviously “Troll” the European partners.

Moreover, the formats G11 or G12 has never existed, and that the G8 — the “group of seven” Russia has existed for 17 years.

Our country was expelled from the group in 2014. Well, not exactly. This is not a club with a fixed membership, where you can exclude or accept. Just the G8 countries decided without Russia to hold a G7 summit.

It happened in response to the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

This was reminded Maas: “Until this matter is resolved, I do not see opportunities to invite Russia”.

Hence, given the closed nature of the “Crimean question”, we can conclude that the G8 is not ever revive!

However, the Maas here and Donbass dragged (although at the time of exclusion of our country, he has not been the subject of anti-Russian consolidation of the West). According to him, Germany adheres to the principle of implementation of the Minsk agreements on Donbass. However, he added that if we are talking about the settlement of the situation in Eastern Ukraine, discussions should be held on the question of the Crimea.

Why is Maas blurted it, not very clear. Most likely, he wanted to show “the Fig” Trump, who made a proposal to invite Russia. A noble cause, Washington indeed recently rude behaves in relation to the Europeans, dictating to them the conditions, and the attempts of Berlin to show their independence is justified.

But it turned out a dig at Russia.

Indeed, just yesterday the President of Ukraine called Vladimir Putin, assuring that commitment to the Minsk agreements, which, according to many experts, testified about his attempts to enlist the support of Moscow in an attempt to take at least some steps to resolve. Just today went into effect, another truce, which in fact gave the opportunity to negotiate about the possibility of a new meeting in Normandy format.

Generally, of course, fresh food, but I doubt Trudeau��, but at least some movement and a reason for cautious optimism.

And suddenly the Meuse all the spoils with just one statement, in which he mentions the Crimea.

Let me remind you that the Ukrainian side is constantly trying to link Crimea with the Minsk agreements, which Moscow repeatedly stated that it is meaningless. The futility of such attempts-or even more — they are harmful to the settlement process (because Moscow may not want to talk neither with Ukraine, nor with the West on such terms), I suppose, well understood in Europe. Therefore usually try Crimean theme or not to raise, or at least not raise it in conjunction with the Minsk agreements.

Who’s pulling the tongue of the Meuse, is unclear. Or stupid, or provocation, and Frau Merkel, if she did not authorize his Minister to make such statements, ought to pay attention to them.

However, in Moscow, of course, did not become “offended” and demand an explanation. Well, said the German Minister once familiar to the collective West anti-Russian nonsense. It is not clear why they take so long to respond, because the tramp on the invitation of Russia said at the end of may, and now almost August. Two months it took to understand what was said the American leader?

In Moscow could not ignore this statement, but it was too snappy, it sounded like the goal was just to “hook” the Russia (as usually try to hook in the teenage companies, they say, look, we got kicked out of parties, because you’re a redhead).

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov reminded the Meuse that Russia is actually not getting anywhere to return on any terms. Moreover, it is well satisfied with the work in such formats as G20, “more in keeping with contemporary, probably economic realities from the point of view of economic development in the world.”

In addition, Peskov reminded the Maas that “seven” can hardly claim to world leadership without the participation of India, China, Turkey and a number of other countries.

And this we also told more than once! It does not hurt with the exception of “eight”. It is a statement of fact. The same “twenty” in the last 10 years has shown its effectiveness in solving the world’s problems, at that time, as “seven” has always been exclusively Western club, the political NATO that Russia, which is called “knock in the dressing room” (apparently, that wasn’t so offensive after the loss of superpower status), without. And to world leadership it could claim only in the period after the end of the cold war, when the West felt the autocratic master of the planet. But today the world is changing, and the format of the G7 a thing of the past with the unipolar world.

This for some reason persistently do not want to notice neither the Europeans nor the American Democrats. But it is veryHB are well understood and Donald trump. Understood the main thing — the key role of China. On their own, certainly understood and made conclusions…

This, by the way, today the Financial Times writes, that the United States began to consider China a major threat, although this is Russia “challenged” the West annexation of Crimea.

One correction: not the US, and trump and anti-globalists. His opponents-Democrats China is just not dangerous, on the contrary, for them the number one enemy is Russia.

However, trump (at least until the end of the year) remains the President determines the foreign policy. Writes the FT, Washington hopes to split the Alliance of Moscow and Beijing and to bring Russia to confrontation on the US side.

I hope so.

Let me remind you, the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo delivered a speech that has already been called the new “Fulton” and the announcement of the “cold war” to Beijing. In it, he proposed to create an “Alliance of democracies” of countries ready to unite against China. To join the initiative, he invited and Russia.

“I think the opportunity was there. This possibility is born with the natural nature of relations between Russia and China,” he said at the presidential Nixon library in California.

Interesting coincidence. Exactly Richard Nixon was one of the originators of the policy of cooperation with China against the Soviet Union. Now, therefore, on the contrary.

Even if not to take into account the “moral aspects”, should we then trust the States. Moreover, to offer Russia, in fact, nothing. The lifting of sanctions? Return to the “big eight”?

But Trump will not give the Europeans, what today recalled Maas. And American Democrats. And not the fact that trump is generally delayed in the White House after the November elections.

So all the talk about the revival of the G8 and other formats, based on which trump wants to create an anti-China coalition (not just because he was talking about South Korea, Australia and India: first all clear, the second is everything always focused on Washington, and the third with Beijing a serious disorder, until the recent border clashes) — empty words.

Even if not to take into account that Russia is not going to join any coalitions with the prefix “anti”. We are not going anybody to the cold war, even if we impose them aggressive methods. We stand for constructive international cooperation, and it is impossible in legacy formats “sevens” and “eights”

Collective and let the West will understand each other, if they are satisfied with their “get-together” of the G7, then let them continue to mess with it. Though they do it worse and worse, because he has been undergoing a very deep division and crisis in its history…