Sevastopol asked Putin to allocate funds to the new case of city hospital No. 4

to Allocate Federal funds for the construction of the new building of the city hospital number 4 on the North side of Sevastopol — a request was addressed to the President chief doctor Valentina Havryliak. Today she is invited to a meeting of Vladimir Putin with the public of the Peninsula.

Valentine Havryliak told the President about catastrophic shortage areas: “Buildings built in the 50-ies and do not correspond to SanPiN. When casting to the standards we are losing bedspace. After repairs at the output of the 40-bed Department obtained a 20-bed, although the conditions become more comfortable. We ask to allocate funds for the construction of the building with 140 beds around the clock to stay”.

According to the Federal target program “Vesti Sevastopol,” the city built three medical institutions — hospital, ambulance, infectious diseases hospital and the new building of the oncologic dispensary. “The fourth city hospital this list is not” — said Vladimir Putin and appealed to the mayor with a question: why, if the hospital needed, it is not included in the list of objects financed by the Federal program.

Michael Razvozhaev explained that the object really was not declared in the target program, but I would like to include in additional funding.

“If it’s so important for the city, we will try to support you. Count me paper write,” — said Vladimir Putin. And said how long will it take the city government to calculate the cost of construction of a new building. The mayor expressed readiness for next week to provide the necessary documents.

Besides, Vladimir Putin has promised to allocate funds for the development of Chora of Chersonesos. With a request to increase a state order and financing of the Museum-reserve for the Russian President asked his Director Elena Morozova.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol