A Ukrainian radio station has released recordings of General Oleg Korotkevich. In conversations with soldiers’ relatives, he talks about defeats – and explains why Putin will not end the “special operation”.

Oleg Korotkevich is the commander in Putin’s army – and apparently extremely annoyed by the slow progress of his troops in Ukraine. The Ukrainian radio station “Radio Svoboda” has published recordings of him talking to relatives of soldiers about the losses in Ukraine.

“What can we do? All that was made, in vain? Because our state has to withdraw from Ukraine like a drowned poodle? We simply can’t afford that, no matter how hard it is,” Korotkevich said.

He continues: “Between you and our president tomorrow on TV he can say, ‘That’s it, I’ve decided to stop the special operation.’ can he do that He’s the commander, of course he can. But what should we do? Then everything would be for nothing.”

Korotkevich believes that “all nationalism will come to us in a year. Then we will fight here, in Novosibirsk, in Tomsk, in Moscow, everywhere.”

Then the general talks about the Russian army’s disaster on the Siverski River. Trying to cross it, Ukraine launched an airstrike, killing dozens of soldiers. Korotkevich speaks of 19 dead that Russia cannot bring home. “Right now the territory is not under our control. That’s the point.” You can’t go and find out “where they fell.”

The war is now no longer just one between two states – “that’s what everyone thinks. In truth it is a war with almost all of NATO. But NATO is fighting with the blood of Ukraine. They will be brainwashed and then sent to the front,” the general said.

It is unclear whether the recording is authentic. According to the radio station, however, the meeting with the military personnel took place in the city on the day. The broadcaster has no doubts that the recordings are real.