the Ruling Ukrainian party “the servant of the people” will participate in local elections which will be held in October this year. This decision was taken by delegates of the extraordinary Congress in Kiev, reports channel “Russia 24”.

They also approved the new composition of the Supreme Council of the party. He has been given until April to form the party structure at the grassroots level, and in may to present a strategy for participation in local elections. Now the official ideology of the party is “Ukrainian centrism”.

“servant of the people” — the largest parliamentary party of Ukraine. In the elections in 2019, she received the greatest support and have formed in the Verkhovna Rada the so-called monopolist. From the party presidential elections were contested and won the Vladimir Zelensky.

the Party Zelensky intends to launch its Internet channel “TV the Servant” told the edition “Left coast” Deputy head of the faction and the head of the press office of the party of Eugene Kravchuk. Studio canal will be located in the Congress-exhibition centre “the Park”, which declared the official office party.

the channel will invest the money received by the party from the budget. It will answer questions of representatives of regional authorities and journalists. Test broadcasting scheduled to begin in March, reports RIA Novosti.

In “the Park” took place the election campaign of Vladimir Zelensky and the party “servant of the people”. There is also the so-called helipad of Yanukovych. Now decided to make the centre the office of the party for the various structures. There will be party congresses, trainings and meetings of allied heads of territorial communities, the local deputies.

Meanwhile, the leader of the party, Alexander Kornienko on the sidelines of the Congress expressed the opinion that amendments to the controversial draft law on land market will be considered in Parliament from three to five plenary weeks. According to him, 90 percent of the deputies of the faction “servant of the people” support this PRbefore. That will be typed in the hall of a sufficient number of votes for the adoption of the law will depend on many factors, said Kornienko.

Sale of land in Ukraine is one of the conditions of the International monetary Fund to continue financial support of the Ukrainian economy. Ukrainians are against this law: the country held mass rallies. The people of Ukraine fear that all the land will be bought up by local oligarchs and foreigners.