Schlager veteran Tony Marshall is struggling with serious health problems. The big party for the 85th birthday is therefore missing. Also because Marshall is said to have broken off contact with once close confidants.

Pop star Tony Marshall suffered a severe stroke in 2019 and is also said to suffer from serious kidney and heart problems and a nervous disease. According to media reports, in May 2022 he even had to undergo emergency surgery and is said to be dependent on a wheelchair.

Due to his critical state of health, Tony Marshall will not be able to celebrate his 85th birthday on Friday (February 3rd) properly. Instead of a big party, the singer should only want to spend the day with the closest family. Even Marshall’s best friend Curt Gerritzen, who has known him for 34 years, should not be invited, according to information from “Bild”. It is said that Marshall “doesn’t want to see anyone anymore”.

Gerritzen is said to be one of the last people who was allowed to visit Tony Marshall last summer. A sad certainty that also makes Curt Gerritzen thoughtful. Compared to the “Bild” newspaper, he remembered his last meeting with the hit star and said: “At our last meeting I said goodbye to Tony internally. He was in a wheelchair and was very weak. He only sipped his beloved red wine and he seemed very lost to me.” Gerritzen continues: “Sometimes he broke off in the middle of a sentence and looked into the distance.”

At the same time, the songwriter explained how much respect he has for his old pal: “I admire the strength with which he bears his illnesses. Tony’s heart is full of music and he still has that mischievous smile.”

Although the last encounter with the hit star was more than sad, Curt Gerritzen also remembered a nice moment he had with Marshall when he started the song “Am Brunnen in front of the gates”. “His face brightened and his eyes lit up,” said the 82-year-old. Gerritzen continued: “Then he sang along with a weak voice. We held hands. In the end we both cried.” The reason? “We knew we wouldn’t see each other again after that.”

Marshall gets support and security from his family. He has been married to his childhood sweetheart Gaby for ages, with whom he has a daughter and two sons. Marc and Pascal have long followed in his footsteps as singers.

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