In 2011 Ulyanovsk hosted the first international Congress on culture. He was one of the first sites in Russia where culture has become a Central theme. What are the prerequisites for this have been? Why was the emphasis on culture?

In 2010 the Ulyanovsk region became a participant of the large international project “Cultural capitals of the Commonwealth of independent States”. Together with Belarusian Gomel we were pioneers on this road. For the whole year, the region plunged into the stream, a variety of cultural and humanitarian activities. It was a tour of the leading theatres of the country musical group, the arrival of artists from the CIS countries. Most of the activities were free population, and part of the cost of tickets for performances of the festival and award “the gold mask” co-financed by the government of the Ulyanovsk region. Many discussion platforms have helped to build strong communications and to expand cultural exchanges Ulyanovsk region with the countries of the Commonwealth. But most importantly it is the understanding of what is needed to create a platform where culture will be considered as a driver of political, social and economic changes in the country and the world.

In this solution, we were supported by the government, the Ministry of culture, the intergovernmental Foundation for humanitarian cooperation, major international organizations, including UNESCO, which in 2013 gives the forum its auspices.

This was really the first step when here, in Ulyanovsk, the Cultural capital of independent States, held a specialized forum devoted exclusively to issues of culture. Its name reflects the main marker of time, Culture as resource of modernization.

Only a year later appeared the Petersburg international forum. Two forum in the Altai, which lasted 5 years. Moscow cultural forum earned later in 2016.

All this is another confirmation that we were not mistaken. The agenda of Ulyanovsk the first International Congress of culture were relevant. The center of attention of leading experts of Russia and the world, cultural policy, economic development in the sphere of culture, creative industries.

What you can isolate changes in the socio-cultural sphere following the results of the previous nine forums? What initiatives were born thanks to the forum at the Federal level? That the IFF has given the region?

– Initially, the ICF is not intended as a generator of initiatives at the Federal level. But from the very beginning we positioned the site as the forum museums, libraries and theater activities. After all, in the industry in Russia has a rich history of activities in various fields. A trend that is asked UF – interdisciplinarity. Discussed hereare questions of the influence of culture on the economy, education, science, media and other spheres.

It is presented, discussed and refined the concept of creative space “Quarter”. Then it was called the House of Stolz, but it’s not the name, but the essence. Yes, in Moscow at that time already had the first creative space – Garage “Winery”. In the regions, the presence of creative spaces was seen as know-how. And discussing in 2011, the concept with the Russian and international experts, we’ve been through this discussion we came to the format that was needed and spoke in Ulyanovsk. Here was the stated positions of all sides of civil society, business, government, the various communities that private sector called creative industry exists. What’s more is the development trend of the world economy, is gaining weight and is developing rapidly. The theme of creative entrepreneurship with the opening of the “Quarter” was launched in the Ulyanovsk region. Within the walls of this creative space was taking its first steps Ulyanovsk youth theatre, which has now become a full actor of the cultural agenda of the region. Not to mention the Ulyanovsk Museum of balalaika, which began its journey with a workshop in the “block”. A worthy continuation of the theme of creative entrepreneurship was the opening of the creative space “Horizon” in Dimitrovgrad and networking “Third place” in the five municipalities of the region.

a Systematic work on the development of creative industries in the region is leading the Fund “Ulyanovsk – cultural capital”, which appeared after the International cultural Congress. For us it has become apparent that the region needed the Institute for the development of the industry “culture”, which will be a driver of qualitative changes of cultural environment, will provide support to humanitarian initiatives through partnerships and the creative economy for integration of the Ulyanovsk region in the global context.

Another vector which has set UF, and perhaps still not fully implemented in the region – the Museum of the USSR. The conceptual development of the Lenin Memorial began in 2012 at the international film festival. Today on the reconstruction of the Museum funds were allocated from the Federal budget, developed a new idea of positioning, which is already not a Museum of Vladimir Lenin, and more a Museum of the Soviet state. It turns out that this topic is humanitarian understanding of our historical past, too, was launched at the cultural forum.

2015, the year of literature in the Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk was the first among Russian cities received the status of city of literature by UNESCO. This is another area, push which gave UF. We are seeing today, as other cities join in the international network, fill out applications want to be part of the international��ne of cooperation related to the development of one of the areas creative economy. Key points Ulyanovsk applications became rich cultural heritage of the region in the field of literature, major literary projects regularly implemented on its territory, cultural and economic potential. The status of “City of Literature” and entering the network of UNESCO creative cities has created enormous opportunities in the development of international cultural cooperation. For example, for the third consecutive year in the preparation of the festival “Days of Germany in ulyanivka” we cooperate with the German cities participating in the network of UNESCO. Also last year hosted the Russian-British music festival “Intersection of music”, where he performed a musical team from Liverpool – a city of music by UNESCO.

in 2017 in the business program of the International cultural forum is an increasing emphasis on economic and investment issues. We consider culture not only as investment in people, but in the cultural environment and the life of our cities and towns. Regional experts involved in attracting foreign capital into the country, in creative projects, become members of a unique educational program, held at the forum various Federal development institutions such as SKOLKOVO, ASI, the Center for applied urban planning and others. During the forum more than 300 leading Russian and foreign specialists in the sphere of culture and art passed on their experience of the cultural workers of the Ulyanovsk region.

Thanks to the forum cultural events of the region, beginning in August and ending in October, every year full of brand new cultural product. It is the forum has led to the region’s partners, who for many years had a major impact on the cultural palette of the city environment. It is a festival and award “the Golden mask”, which received almost annual residence at the international film festival, the international Assembly of artists “Plastov’s autumn”. UF opened the population access to the latest Russian and world theatre productions, international music projects. Genre diversity was the main feature of the cultural Billboard of the forum – Ulyanovsk can see the performances of the Theater. Pushkin theater. Vladimir Mayakovsky, the theatre “Workshop P. N. Fomenko” theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, Saint-Petersburg theatre “Workshop” and others. Inter-state format, a synthesis of cultures, meeting on the same stage stars of world importance and the best Ulyanovsk teams for many years and gave the forum Ulyanovsk and guests of the region.

2018 Central theme forums become creative industries. Why did you choose such a vector?

– We from the beginning. the company focused on international trends, programs, supervised by UNESCO, projects that receive a permanent residence permit in the countries of the world. The study of this experience made me understand that the creative sector of the economy in the future will only increase and expand. In 2018 we have made a decision that, along with questions of cultural policy aimed at the development and support of cultural institutions and cultural workers, still a red thread will be the theme of creative industries. And since that time, she was Central to the agenda of the IFF.

Today popular phrase that the creative industry is the new oil for the economy. And it is impossible not to agree. In published in early 2019, the report of the UN Conference on trade and development States that the Volume of the creative sector of the world market from 2002 to 2015 increased more than in 2 times – from $208 billion to $509 billion.

the value of the creative industries for the Russian economy will only grow, that they not only contribute to attracting foreign capital to Russia and spend to increase the income of citizens, but also form a positive image of the country on the world stage, sounds like a refrain at every film festival. Steadily moving in the development of the creative economy in the Ulyanovsk region to improve legislation and to run educational programs in the towns and villages of the region creates infrastructure for the creative industries. In anticipation of the Year of the creative economy-UN platform for the creative economy UF-2020 will provide specific practices and technologies that can be replicated throughout Russia, will allow to see concrete results from many processes that started in the Ulyanovsk region in 2018.

– What will be the Central theme of UF 2020?

– We again follow the requirement of the time. Digital transformation of culture will become a key focus. To discuss the most current topics today, we will invite cultural workers, artists, non-profit sector, creative industries from across the country. And the online format of this discussion will allow you to join the dialogue to experts from other countries.

Modern technology to return to the old and attracting new audiences in cultural institutions, copyright and regulatory framework of the cultural institutions in an online format, cooperation with business and NGOs to create innovative cultural products, export-oriented cultural product – this is not a complete list of topics for discussion.

the expertise of the Forum at least will be proposed for introduction in practice of the authorities at all levels. Ideas and initiatives will find the status of legislative acts, normative documents, live innovation projects will be supported and will be implemented in the regions of Russia.

4-16 Stvember 2020 in Ulyanovsk region will take place X anniversary international cultural forum. The event, which will be held under the auspices of UNESCO, is organized by the Government of the region and the Fund “Ulyanovsk – cultural capital”. In connection with the limitations caused by COVID-l9, the business program is scheduled in a hybrid format, online stream on the website and social media forum.

In an offline format, with strict disease control measures, it is planned to hold educational intensive “New competencies for culture and creative industries”, as well as a number of cultural events: festivals “Japanese cultural wave”, “Days of Germany” and street art festival “Circuit”.

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