Sergey Lavrov: breeding forces in the Donbas brake USA

Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, published on the Day of the diplomatic worker, said that the summit in Paris, Ukraine refused to fix the problem of withdrawal of forces along the contact line in the Donbass at the insistence of the United States.

the head of the Russian foreign Ministry said that Washington really do not want to fulfill the Minsk agreements and the line of contact was safe on both sides. In his opinion, the maintenance of the conflict in the controlled phase corresponds to the interests of the United States from the point of view of their geopolitical views of the post-Soviet space, reports TASS.

Sergei Lavrov noted that during the summit an agreement was reached about the breeding of forces along the contact line in the Donbass, and Kyiv upheld the decision. However, during the meeting in Paris on 9 December the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky demanded to revise previous agreements, saying that the dilution of forces along the line will require 10-15 years. In response to the proposal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to record that goal will be the release of the contact line of forces and means of the opposing sides was followed by a categorical refusal.

As reported, the results held in Paris on 9 December last year, the summit in the Normandy format, the participants adopted a final document in one of the positions which they talked about the fact that the Contact group in Minsk will determine three new areas for cultivation forces. Agree on the dilution of forces along the line of contact between the parties failed.

the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation noted that diplomatic relations between Russia and Ukraine were curtailed by the fault of Kiev and Moscow will not be against if there will be decided the return of ambassadors. Ukraine recalled its Ambassador to Russia for consultations in 2014, and since then he has not returned. Russia recalled its Ambassador in Ukraine in 2016. Sergei Lavrov pointed out that Russia and Ukraine even in the current environment seriously interconnected in the economy, in transport, in humanitarian Affairs. In his opinion, in such circumstances, to erect some barriers unreasonable.