Star of TV series “Police with the ruble” Sergey Burunov has become a victim of fraud. Unknown actor moved almost 300 thousand rubles.

According to REN TV, the actor wanted to get in the computer Network. The right model was quite expensive for her he translated the “sellers” of 270 thousand rubles. However, at the appointed time, the computer Burunov has not brought, then the actor has addressed in law enforcement bodies.

Sergey Burunov known for his roles in the TV series "Kept woman"and participation in numerous television shows. He participated in the dubbing of foreign films, also voiced computer games.

Previously commercial Director of the Black Star Cassem Walter went to the police. He was the victim of an Internet Scam. In winter the stranger suggested friend Timothy to get his Instagram blue icon verification, which is only given to famous personalities so that their accounts are not forged. Walter is not suspected a trick, and translate the unknown 265 thousand rubles. After a while the businessman has understood that him have deceived, and addressed to militiamen. On this fact being tested, wrote