The Moscow government has made changes to the Territorial Program of state guarantees of free medical care for citizens for 2021-2023, which provide for an in-depth medical examination of those who have been ill with COVID-19. The corresponding resolution was signed by Sergei Sobyanin. 

In-depth medical examination will take place in two stages. The first, in addition to receiving a therapist, includes seven studies. These are general and biochemical blood tests, measurement of blood oxygen saturation( saturation), spirometry, according to indications-a test with a six-minute walk. Also, for those who have suffered a moderate and severe form of the disease, it will be necessary to determine the concentration of D-dimer in the blood (it helps to determine the signs of thrombosis) and X-ray of the chest organs, if it was not performed earlier during the year.

According to the results of examinations, in order to clarify the diagnosis, the patient may be sent to the second stage of in-depth medical examination and an additional examination may be prescribed.

In case of detection of chronic non-communicable diseases, the patient is put on dispensary observation. If there are medical indications, he will be prescribed appropriate treatment and medical rehabilitation.

The procedure for sending citizens to undergo in-depth medical examination includes the following main provisions:

-citizens who have been ill with COVID-19 have the right to undergo in-depth medical examination. In addition, it can be carried out at the initiative of a citizen for whom there is no information about a coronavirus infection, if he submits an appropriate application;

— the planned date of in — depth medical examination is not earlier than 60 calendar days after recovery from COVID-19;

— medical organizations make a list of citizens subject to in-depth medical examination, as well as form and maintain a calendar plan for medical examination, indicating examinations by doctors, laboratory, instrumental and other studies, dates and places of their holding, the number of citizens.

The Moscow City Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund was allocated targeted funds from the federal budget in the amount of 847.6 million rubles to conduct an in-depth medical examination in 2021.