In the capital, opened the Moscow international cancer centre is a new clinic of the world level. She appeared in the framework of the concluded in 2013, the concession agreement between the Moscow Government and the private medical organization, JSC “European medical center”. The investor handed over the buildings of the former city clinical hospital No. 63 total area of 29.6 thousand square meters on the street Durova. He got it for 49 years — before 2062.

European medical center is one of the largest private hospitals in the country and one of the largest partners of the city in the fight against cancer, said Sergey Sobyanin during the inspection of the hospital.

“We once conceded, in fact, obsolete building, and today received one of the best clinics in Europe in the field of Oncology, provided with the latest technologies that are in the world,” said the Mayor.

According to him, cancer can be considered a disease of the century. Improving the quality and accessibility of cancer care — one of the main priorities of the healthcare development. According to modern standards the majority of patients with cancer should receive combined treatment. It includes surgical techniques, targeted, immune and other types of drugs and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy and radiosurgery are becoming more popular than conventional surgery — they are more effective and safe.

the Concessionaire has made to the city budget of one billion rubles. Investments amounted to more than six billion (three billion for repair, 3.5 billion on equipment and equipment center).

“Can meet and successfully combat the various manifestations of cancer, whatever they have been and where we met them. Thanks to the city we had the opportunity to implement the project quickly, and thanks to the assistance provided in the process, you can see that the standard we have achieved together, will give Moscow a real understanding that to treat can, and must, according to the latest international standards,” — said General Director of JSC “European medical center” Andrey Yanovsky.

They risk their health to save others. As the city supports doctors and nurses In the hospital named Yudina to open center for specialized surgical care

under the agreement with the Government of Moscow the Moscow international cancer center will provide advanced medical care on tariffs of mandatory medical insurance (OMS). This year in the framework of the MLA in the centre will be able to undergo radiation therapy for more than 4.5 thousands of patients are also scheduled for positron emission computer ��of tomografii. Treatment for Muscovites will be free. To send to the clinic will be by decision of the medical councils of urban multidisciplinary cancer center. Information about the diagnosis and treatment will load in information system EMIAS and RICE.

“Help is on the territory of the complex will be 100 percent of tariff OMS. Moscow residents do not need to pay any extra money. And I hope that we will be able to work effectively and life will be much better quality,” said Andrey Yanovsky.

the first stage on creation of the center was completed at the end of last year. And in may 2020 here received its first patients. The help we have already received about a thousand people. The plans for the near future, the opening hour of the hospital and the Department of radionuclide diagnostics (PET/CT). 2025 (in the framework of the second phase of the project) at the clinic want to create a multidisciplinary medical center.

the radiotherapy Department has set eight linear accelerators of the last generation. Halcycon technology was in Russia in April 2019. It is used to treat cancer of the prostate, breast, head and neck, as well as many other forms of cancer. It is ideal for doctors and patients: optimized workflow consists of nine stages, whereas application of the old technology requires 30 different steps.

EDGE is one of the non-invasive radiosurgical techniques. In practice large medical centers United States, great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, she entered just five years ago. During this time he obtained excellent results, which showed several thousand patients with tumors of different localization. The only accelerator in Russia in the MMI system gives the ability to treat multiple metastases in one session.

uses patented TrueBeam high intensity mode, which provides twice the dose (compared to other devices). Also conducts therapy with unmatched accuracy — CT images in the 4D rate to 60 percent more than in other accelerators. Thus, the sighting equipment allows to irradiate tumors of any shape and localization, most protecting healthy tissue during treatment.

the Specialists possess all modern methods of 3D – and 4D-radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery (IGRT, IMRT, RapidArc, SRS, SBRT). This allows you to develop the optimal plan for the effective and safe treatment for each patient in accordance with strict international standards.

In the Department of radionuclide diagnostics, which will open in the near future, installed PET/CT system Biograph mCT technology, precise alignment of PET and CT data�� SMART, allowing to diagnose neoplasms with high accuracy, as well as SPECT/CT system, the Symbia Intevo Bold with improved scan algorithm to reduce radiation exposure up to 60 percent and optional IVR, which allows to evaluate the smallest structures and damage (e.g. cracks). The Department will carry out radionuclide therapy of malignant neoplasms, including radioactive iodine treatment of thyroid cancer.

For patients of the international center made single chamber, with online entry through your personal account, instant registration in a clinic with the help of technology Face ID, the system for electronic navigation. This clinic will appear in Moscow two thousand new jobs, half of them highly qualified medical personnel. Experts in the field “radiotherapy” will be able to learn and improve skills in the international training simulation centers, Varian and Siemens.