Tennis-Queen to your Royal Highness: Serena Williams (37) and Duchess Meghan (37) have been friends for years. The American Tennis-player of your country women tips and this reveals, finally, the media.

So Serena your friend recommended, for example, before the wedding with Prince Harry (34): “Eat the cake!” You yourself is not in fact come in your own wedding party.

Meghan want to know how to do it Williams

The latest tip of Williams refers to the interpersonal behaviour of their famous friend, as she tells the US magazine “People”. If you are Meghan to be in question, and wants to know better how her girlfriend is straight. Williams replied: “Meghan, stop being so nice … You’re Pregnant, you shouldn’t have hormone fluctuations. Why are you so cute?” But Meghan had always been, explains Williams.

the most Important tip: Calm

remain, The most important advice to your friend in the UK, but: stay calm. The sports icon continues: “I don’t know what’s going to happen, I knew how I was going to have a Baby, and it has joined everything.” You yourself have changed after the birth of their daughter Alexis Olympia in September 2017 total, and therefore, she knew first-Hand.

has taken Meghan to the advice of her friend Serena, is not yet known. The Baby of the Duchess and her husband Prince Harry will be coming next spring to the world. (brc)