The most famous Band in the world disappeared not with a Bang, but with a banal press release Paul McCartney’s first solo album. In it, he explained that his song-writer-terminated partnership with John Lennon and his time with the Beatles was over. “Is your break with the Beatles temporary or permanent? – I don’t know it,” wrote one of the two front men of the “Fab Four”.

bad news on the 10. April, 1970

The “Daily Mirror” brought the bad news on 10. April 1970, as the first newspaper with the headline: “Paul quits the Beatles” (Paul at the Beatles). McCartney’s farewell but this was not really surprising: as The “mushroom heads” launched the Quartet from Liverpool – McCartney, Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – were already drifted for more than two years apart.

Earlier, the collaboration between Lennon and McCartney without words worked. “We looked at only,” said McCartney of the broadcasting Corporation BBC decades later. “He thought of something, I thought of something, and we inspired each other.” However, the so-called “White Album” of 1968 illustrated the depths of the creative gap between the two, with Lennon’s eccentric composition “Revolution 9” and McCartney’s sugar-sweet pop song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” as a contrast.

Lennon broke the unspoken band rule

In the same year, both Harrison as well as Starr for a short time from increased in the case of the Beatles. Lennon had found in the avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, his “goddess of love”, the opposite of an unspoken band rule Studio Sessions took part. He married his new Muse on the 20. In March 1969, eight days after McCartney’s wedding with the American photographer Linda Eastman.

While this Pair in a small circle at the registry office, got married, took advantage of Lennon and Ono, the huge public interest, in order to protest against the Vietnam war. They invited the press to their “Bed-Ins” in the hotel bed, to bring their message of “Make Love Not war” among the people.

In the summer of 1969, wanted to finally go Lennon. In an interview with “SiriusXM” recalled McCartney: “There was a Meeting at which John came in and said: “I’m leaving the Band.” And in retrospect, he had reached this period of life. The we all had.” But to keep the other Beatles persuaded Lennon, his decision secret in order not to endanger the next publications.

Forced it Together for “Abbey Road”

“Abbey Road” with the famous Zebra stripes-cover-photo appeared a few weeks later, in September 1969. Despite all the internal tensions, the masterpiece has sold about 15 million Times. It was a last effort of the Beatles: “We had kept the group together to finish “Abbey Road”,” said Starr later.

retreat to the farm

Paul McCartney retreated disillusioned on his farm in Scotland. Rumors that he was dead, had made the round. The American “Life Magazine” sent, therefore, in the autumn of 1969 a Team to Scotland and showed off the singer and his family on the title page: “Paul is still with us” (Paul is still there).

journalists wanted to separation is not true

have had Actually, McCartney even then, the bombshell: “The Beatles thing is over. It has been exploded, partly by what we have done, and partly by other people.” However, the journalists did not understand the implications of his words.

The last Beatles Album “Let It Be” was scheduled for April 1970, as well as Ringo Starr’s first solo album. Then, the Band learned that McCartney wanted to bring out his first solo album in April. The Drummer tried to convince him personally. However, instead of, as expected, to give in, threw McCartney Starr out of the house.

McCartney announced the From

he Then released his infamous press release that the break-up of the Beatles manifested. McCartney became the bogeyman. Especially Lennon was pissed because he had postponed his farewell: “(He) can’t have a mind of his own, so he causes Chaos”, quoted him as saying McCartney biographer Philip Norman. “I brought out last year, four albums, and I have not said a single word over the Stop.”

Fans were hoping for years for a Revival of the Beatles up to that tragic day in December 1980 when John Lennon was shot by a deranged Fan. George Harrison died in 2001 of cancer. Ringo Starr has released nearly two dozen solo albums, and also made a bit of a career in films.

John returns in a dream to return

Only Paul McCartney managed in a way, the Beatles heritage, and remained Lennon deeply connected: “I love it when people return in a dream to a. I’ve often band dreams,” he confessed in 2019, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. “I often dream of John.” (SDA)