President Vladimir Putin in his address to Russians had proposed in July to make another one-time payment of 10 000 rubles for children aged up to 16 years inclusive. Meanwhile, earlier the Federation Council has sent the government a proposal to extend this measure to families who have children under the age of 18. The senators noted that even at the age of 17-18 years, the offspring often continue to live on the money of their parents and they need help no less than those who are from 3 to 16 years.

If you support the initiative, the authorities will have to allocate about 27 bln. The money the state has, but since the economic downturn and the growing budget deficit in the account now every ruble and the government appeal the entire industry, the proposal of the Federation Council may reject. Also today, the President outlined exactly the age range to 16 years.

“Quite naturally, when in one class there are students, who may be sixteen, and seventeen, and more. At the same time families with children under eighteen years of age, still fall under a certain category, but one-time do not receive support. So the senators decided to study the initiative on payments for children in other age categories, older than sixteen years”, — told reporters the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan.

In 2020 the children and adolescents under the age of 18 constitute about 22.5% of the total population of Russia. This is one of the best demographics in modern Russia, however, while the proportion of 17 and 18-year-old residents of Russia just the most small.

In our country the young people of 17-18 years is about 2.7 million, according to Rosstat, in the year 2019. However, this is almost 2% of the population — quite a sizeable amount. “If you pay for each 10 thousand roubles, it would require, respectively, about 27 billion rubles, — says chief analyst at TeleTrade mark in real.— This amount is relatively small. Given that the budget deficit, such payments may be made, for example, from the national welfare Fund (NWF). The size of June 1 this year amounted to 12, 161 trillion. rubles, according to the Finance Ministry. Liquidity, free cash — about 8 trillion rubles. It turns out that such payments will go to 0.22% of the NWF, or 0.33% of its liquid part – a mere trifle.”

According to Goihman, it will help not only the young people but also their parents. In the country not so many families where there are two or more twin or close in age 17-18 years. We can assume, therefore, that families with children of this age about 2.5 million Thus, lump sum payment — real state assistance in coronaries so many families.

the corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences Ruslan Grinberg is not a catfish��eveda that the state can find in the store necessary for such payments of the funds. But, in his opinion, against the lifting of quarantine restrictions, the government is gradually scaling down its anti-crisis measures. Therefore, the expert believes, since they did not go to such payments in April and may, when they were all on isolation, and the economy lay on the side, it is unlikely to go on them now, when many companies and industries return to work. Therefore, the interlocutor of “MK” advises parents of 17-18 year old not to indulge in illusions: most likely, their adult, but under age Chad they continue to have to contain yourself, relying only on their own strength.