it notes that from the beginning of infection “in relation to Russia’s traditional anti-Russian propaganda was combined coronavirus theme”. In particular, actively criticized the methods of evacuation of Russians from China, and the room came from China on a visual observation “compared with almost a revival of the Gulag”.

the Senators noted that three-quarters of the cases arrive not from the East and from the West, but fierce criticism by the authorities of the Russian Federation of measures against the coronavirus came from Europe and the United States.

“moreover, some foreign media outlets operating in the Russian language, even managed to associate the Russian sanitary-epidemiological measures to update the text of the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the report. According to the senators, these materials spread the Euronews TV channel. In one of his stories was alleged that the regime of isolation in Russia was used to suppress activity of opponents of the amendments to the Basic Law.

“the Commission believes that the risk of spread of infectious diseases remains, and the desire anti-Russian foreign opponents at any cost to deter Russia not a thing of the past”, – stated in the draft report.

Therefore, senators propose greater attention to those aspects of domestic sovereignty that are directly associated with the health care system. It is the training of health personnel, construction of medical institutions, production of vaccines, serums, medicine, medical equipment “mainly on its own production facilities”.

“it also is important to increase the role of Russia in international organizations, including the world health organization at the United Nations,” say the authors of the report.