A naked body is displayed in 30 sectors of the metropolis and on the platforms of the beauty house SELV Rituel, on the occasion of the launch of its Everyday Well-being campaign. “Fat, dangling flesh and stretch marks”, describes the brand’s CEO, Sarah Laroche, who embodies her company’s values ​​of transparency and authenticity in the most concrete way by revealing herself in her simplest nature. : 100% naked, 100% true and 100% accepted!

The beauty industry still generates a plethora of images that format our ideals. Silhouettes and faces worked for a long time by the machine. Seeing a voluptuous body show up there, without artifice, has something refreshing. From the order of the snub to an unattainable “perfection”, based on very relative criteria… “of those who come to us from who knows where and who knows who”, notes Sarah Laroche.

“I’ve never understood why women agree to be told whether they are beautiful or not, and how they should be. I want the media and people to open up to images that correspond to reality. Fictional bodies, I’m more capable! »

This statement joins other voices in a movement to promote plural beauty. However, SELV’s advertising strikes by its rarity and the status of its subject. What CEO has the audacity to embody their message until they reveal themselves in their simplest device? None. ” I have nothing to hide. My body, I find it sublime with her drooping breasts and her rolls,” says Sarah Laroche, pointing out the hypocrisy of companies that play the card of authenticity while retouching their images.

To date, SELV’s campaign has been enthusiastically received and messages of encouragement abound on the company’s platforms. All positive, except one, written by a woman who kindly wishes him… a heart attack. “We worked so hard to get people to understand the message. It’s not “long live fat”, but “long live who you are”. Point. I am 46 years old, I weigh 220 pounds. I train, I eat well, I have energy. I am a healthy person in a fat body. Stop thinking it’s ugly. »

The words “slimming”, “sculpting” or “anti-aging” will never appear on SELV beauty care labels, promises its founder.

SELV prides itself on offering wellness products. The brand offers an elaborate range of body and face care products, in addition to a collection for the home as well as products to drink and even to smoke! All completely natural and vegan. On the question of aesthetic care, Sarah Laroche affirms that she has no objection to choosing unnatural means to feel beautiful… as long as the gesture is assumed. To transpose a false image into her private life amounts to encouraging irrational criteria of beauty: very little for her!

You will not see more false promises than retouched photos at SELV, a principle that applies to both products and humans. Sarah Laroche adopts the idea to the point of refusing the intervention of make-up artists and hairdressers during her media appearances. “When you go to the grocery store, you see people like me. I have pimples, wrinkles, enlarged pores, discoloration… And I consider myself completely normal. »

“Beauty is a matter of choice,” says the slow living ambassador with enviable assurance. I could feed on fresh water and train two hours a day, but I look like this and it’s perfect. When she was young, she was bullied because of her size. She made it her strength by refusing to be diminished by contemptuous looks.

Later, during her career as a fashion designer – busty among models – she was often the only one who said she was satisfied with her appearance… serves us. I have a circle of people who can influence me. The others, I take what they tell me with as much neutrality as possible. »

She dreams of a world without body shaming. A society that relies on being rather than appearance, and where appearance is not a criterion of success. “I would like it if you got up in the morning wanting to distribute compliments around you, starting with yourself. This benevolence, however, is not infallible… “I have a little voice in my head that occasionally comes back to crush me. I am extremely vulgar towards her, warns Sarah Laroche by revealing her secret. When she shows up, I send her for a walk on the spot! »