Four hours has used Irène rodents (56) to have your documents for the unemployment insurance Fund to put together. Four hours for the hope to get some of the support for self-employed persons, the Federal Council views. Your Trustee has made you hope for a flat fee of 3320 francs.

For 24 years, the Lucerne operates a PR Agency, is the owner and only employee of your company. Paid month for month, the employee and the employer’s contribution for the pension scheme, the contributions for the unemployment Fund. There you sent your documents as registered mail, as you emphasized.

money is not enough for a long time

“Even if it is a monthly fee that ranges in the money not long”, it fears rodents. The single PR and marketing specialist, has been working for years in the home office. However, fixed costs, reserves, but almost no.

she’s how many: “at the beginning of the year, it looked so good, now existence fears plague me,” says rodent, the long nights of no sleep to find.

she was in a good position. A contract for Marketing and communications of a medical school covered the fixed costs. But a closed school is not a Marketing needs. Their most important customer: Jardin Suisse, the industry Association of nurseries.

This would be in the spring high season, when gardens and balconies are newly planted. But now nurseries and garden centers are closed, the demand for advertising and media campaigns has dropped to zero.

credit is not an Option

“at The Moment I reckon with a loss of 40’000 to 50’000 Swiss francs”, estimates that rodents their loss of Revenues. A emergency loan for SMEs, even at zero percent interest, is not an Option: “How will I pay back?”

all the same, Now rodents will finally update their website. To do this, had no time earlier because there was so much to do.